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Adopt A Pet

Every day hundreds of baby and adult cats, dogs, birds perish on the streets of Mumbai due to lack of proper nutrition, safe area to grow up, road accidents, diseases, lack of water, harshness of climate or even their parents having abandoned them.

Each one of them can become a loving pet and a family member in your home, as well as provide you with the unconditional love that we often don’t receive from our fellow humans.

It is also scientifically proven that a pet in the house keeps elements like stress, frustration, anger, irritation away and helps us maintain a good emotional and physical health.

Apart from the benefits to us, these animals in return get a lifetime of food, shelter, medical attention and love, basically a secured life.

"Ek Prayas - Adopt A Pet Programme" is initiated to ensure that these animals settle in loving homes.

The steps we follow for this adoption programme are carefully designed to ensure smooth transition and acceptance by all family members.

We prefer to follow the below steps during the adoption process:

  • Share the picture of the animal/bird with the interested adopter
  • Keep the animal/bird in observation for 7 days before adoption to avoid any existing medical conditions
  • Ensure the animal/bird is taken to the vet for a check up before being adopted so we eliminate any health hazards for them and adopters
  • Provide necessary vaccinations, follow hygiene and medical processes before the adoption
  • Sterilise the adult animals wherever required
  • Visit the residence of the adopting family to understand their willingness to welcome the animal and also share information about the do’s and dont's of living with the pet
  • Provide information about and connect the adopter with the nearby Vet for regular check-ups, vaccinations or if the pet falls sick
  • Visit the animal for the first 6 months of their adoption to ensure smooth transitioning and successful rehabilitation
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