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Today’s competitive business environment requires employees to have more knowledge and better skill sets than ever before. This translates into more training for more number of employees and greater training costs.

On the other hand business success requires companies to lower their costs and hence companies are always looking for ways to provide cost effective trainings to their employees.

E-Learning solutions help reduce cost of delivering bulk trainings and are convenient as you can learn from any location and at any time.

Some of the E learning solutions we offer are as below:

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Assessments can get dry and boring if done in the normal format and something that employees tend to dread. If you are interested in bringing life to them, you can make use of our game based assessments. These make use of a number of puzzles, quizzes, games, mazes, etc. They make assessments fun and exciting, changing the association that employees have with assessments.


Blended Learning:

A blend of various types of instructions to create the combination that’s just right for you. We can mix and match E-learning Solutions with Instructor Led Training, Performance Coaching, Assessments, etc. depending upon the preferred learning style of the participants as well as the organisational needs. The best part about such interventions is that they closely replicate how people actually learn on the job, through different experiences and interactions with co-workers.


Custom Application Development:

Organisations are growing at a larger pace and keeping track of data is becoming more and more difficult. To help you store and track your data systematically, we can create custom applications as per your needs. We can design customized applications for managing your Human Resource Processes like Payroll, Recruitments, Database Management, etc. as well as those for managing Leads for Sales and MIS for anything that you can think off!!! In case you are not looking at an entire LMS for your organization, we can also create Assessment management system or a training management system to keep track of your assessment and training data respectively.


Games and Simulations:

If you have an appetite for something unconventional then gaming and simulations are for you. Bring alive various scenarios and processes through gaming and simulations to make learning engaging and fun. Providing a visual interface helps learners visualise the situation and then generate responses in accordance with the same. The best part about it is that they can safely make mistakes while learning to ensure that they don’t make the same mistakes while they are at their job!!! Tell us what you are looking at and we will create something just for you.


Off the Shelf Modules:

In case you don’t have the time or resources to create a customised module, you can pick and chose from our library of Off the Shelf Modules. These are generic modules and can be successfully blended with other learning approaches to give your employee just what they need. We have modules on various topics like Women Safety, Finance for Non Finance, Money Laundering, Communication Skills, Transaction Analysis, E-Mail Etiquette, Fine Dining, Handling Difficult people and many more.


Learning Management Systems:

A learning Management System (LMS) is a software that is used to keep track of a learning process. The LMS can be used for administering and managing courses, deploying courses, managing and communicating with users, tracking performance, reporting, printing certificates, etc.

Organizations often land up investing in costly and fully loaded LMSs. However most features offered are either not much of use or have very limited usability. Moreover, too many features often confuse users, creating disinterest and eventually a resistance to learn. We offer you a customisable LMS to suit your organisational needs and provide you with the features that you require. We believe in giving you a cost effective LMS which you and your employees will enjoy using.