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Organisational Development

Organisational Development (OD) is the behavioral science applied to improving organizations and the individuals working in them, through the theory and practice of planned change.

Today organizations face multiple challenges and threats to effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability; challenges from turbulent environments, increased competition and changing customer demands; and a constant challenge to maintain equivalence among the organizational dimensions such as technology, strategy, culture, and processes. Keeping organizations healthy and viable in this world is indeed a daunting task.

Fortunately a variety of solutions exist to help people and organizations cope, adapt, survive, and even prosper in these vexing times and OD is one of them.

OD is a process of teaching people how to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities. OD is not just about improving organizations but also about developing individuals.

The OD initiatives offered by The Yellow Spot will help you and your organization cope with the rampant changes occurring in the marketplace and society.

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Assessment/Development Center:

As the name suggests, an Assessment Centre is an approach used assess an employee whereas a Development Centre is used to develop the employee.

An assessment centre is typically used for selection whereby a candidate completes a number of different assessments that are specifically designed to assess the key competencies for the role for which they are applying, based on the organisations expectations of the role. Based on the selected competencies, a clear understanding of the candidate’s strengths or developmental needs is obtained which is then used to evaluate their potential.

Assessment Centres are typically used in selecting competent candidates for promotional purposes and in succession planning. Some companies may also choose to deploy this for selection of candidates for senior positions in recruitments.

A Development Centre is focused more on the participants’ further professional development and may make use of various training and coaching activities to further develop the candidate.

We at The Yellow Spot can create an assessment centre for you, where we make use of certified assessment centre professionals who use a battery of exercises and activities in assessing your employee’s talent. We can also create a development centre for you, where we can help these employees equip themselves with the tools that they require to meet the challenges of their current or next role successfully.


Change Management:

Change Management is an approach used in transitioning individuals, teams and organizations from a present state to a desired future state.

Globalization and the constant innovation of technology result in a constantly evolving business environment which results in an ever increasing need for change. With the business environment experiencing so much change, organizations must able to manage and adapt to organizational change. Yet this becomes difficult because of the resistance to changes in the old structure, culture and processes of organizations. It must be noted that the organizations that adapt quickest to the changing environment create a competitive advantage for themselves, while the companies that refuse to change get left behind.

Join us in understanding how to handle change and its components through our Change Management workshops. We will take you through the ideal change process and help you in understanding how you can apply the same to your organisation.


HR Policy Framework:

HR policies ensure that a company complies with relevant legislation and reduces the risk of corporate liability or employee lawsuits. HR policies also help in help creating the desired workplace culture by clarifying expectations of employee performance and behaviour.

These policies inform employees about the company’s standards and objectives and include all areas of employment, including recruitment, compensation and benefits, employee relations, and termination.

They also protect employees from discriminatory actions by management as they specify what an employee can do in case of conflict or disagreement.

We at The Yellow Spot help you design your HR Policy Framework using the best practices from a number of other organizations as well as our past experience of advising clients. We can help you design your HR manual so that you and your employees can get the maximum benefit from it.


Performance Coaching:

Performance Coaching consists of a series of conversations between a Coach and the employee commonly called the ‘Coachee’ to discuss how the employee can improve his performance. It gives rise to a trusting relationship between the two which helps the employee open up to the Coach on difficulties that he may be facing on the Professional and Personal front which may be coming in the way of his further growth.

The most important aspect about Professional Coaching is that unlike counselling, the Coach does not advise the employee on what action he should take. He talks to the employee and helps him come up with a solution. This boosts the confidence of the employee, helps him think on his feet and ensures that he takes ownership of the solution. Once the employee implements the same, the challenges faced are discussed with the Coach and solutions for those are found. Discussions could be based around various topics like goal setting, motivation, developing new skills, maximising strengths and minimising weaknesses, understanding your and others behaviour and though processes, etc.

If you would like your employees to be able to change certain aspects to be able to go to the next level of success, you can opt for our Performance Coaching sessions. We have qualified Coaches who can help even your Executives identify and overcome the road blocks in achieving their true potential.


Performance Management:

Performance management is a process by which managers and employees work together to plan, monitor and review an employee’s work objectives. It is an ongoing process where goals and objectives are set at the start of the year and progress is assessed at various occasions in the year along with feedback and coaching being given to the employee to ensure that employees are meeting their objectives and career goals.

How can we help you do this? By assisting you in setting up a performance management system suited to your organization, training your managers on how to assess their employees in an unbiased manner, assessing employees through assessments like the 360 degree feedback and of course training the employees on topics that they may require help in to achieve their organizational objectives.


Vision Mission and Value Framework:

Vision, Mission and Values statements are important as they provide a direction to the organisation and its employees. The vision statement tells the employees where the organization would want to be or what it would want to accomplish in the long term. This ensures that employee goals are aligned to the organisational goal and they can all head towards the same. The mission statement describes the purpose of the organization or why it exists and helps in clarifying what steps need to be taken to fulfil the vision. The values statement guides the employees on the values that they need to live by to be able to achieve the vision of the organisation, thereby clarifying expected behaviours.

What happens when you don’t have these in place or you realize that they don’t say what you intended them to? You have a bunch of people working in different directions and achieving different goals. We can help you ensure that you never have to go through such a phase by helping you brainstorm and create a vision, mission and values framework for you that will have the desired impact on your employees and help them move in the direction that you want them to.


360 Degree Feedback:

360 Degree Feedback is a process in which employees receive feedback from the people around them. This includes the employee's manager, peers, direct reports, customers and the employee himself. Each of them fill a form with various questions on different aspects of their interaction with the employee. These may be in the form of ratings or subjective questions. Results from all of these questionnaires are then collated to give the employee specific feedback about himself. It must be kept in mind that the feedback given by the various people is kept confidential at all points of time.

360 Feedback may be used as a development tool to help employees recognize their strengths and weaknesses and become more effective. It may help co-workers give feedback when face to face feedback may be difficult to give and may give employees an idea of how others perceive them. It can also be used as a performance appraisal tool.

Our 360 degree feedback interventions include designing the assessment tool as per the competencies defined by the organisation as well as collating the forms to give the employee a holistic feedback of himself, one which he can use to sharpen his saw and move up the success ladder even faster.