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At The Yellow spot we are always motivated to do things that we love to do and it is said that “when you love what you do you put your heart and soul in that work”.

Below are some of the interventions we love to deliver and are passionate about. Not only have we had the opportunity to deliver them again and again but have also received accolades from our clients for delivering them successfully. Goes to show that “we love what we do and we do what we love.”

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Team Building:

Learning is exactly what we are here to give you through experience. Whether the programme is an indoor or outdoor session or a high energy adventure session, a “different experience” is something that is guaranteed!!!

The objective of any training program can be more effectively developed in an experiential setting. Creative activities, simulated exercises, games, sports, etc. and loads of fun are appealing dimensions of these programs - the best platform for pushing yourself beyond what you think is your capacity, team building and bonding, bringing out creativity and out of the box thinking, testing your leadership skills, motivating your team, etc., and undoubtedly learning more about yourself!!!

We offer team building as indoor / outdoor activity based where we use activities to help us in creating an environment for an experience, adventure based which focus on stepping out of your comfort zone and taking risks to achieve what you never thought you were capable of through adventure based activities and theatre based where we make participants assume different roles, thereby shedding their inhibitions, fears and perceptions about themselves as well as others.

You can rest assure that participants will really enjoy these programs as we enjoy them as much!!!


Train the Trainer:

Do you ever feel that the sessions you or some of your ‘technical’ colleagues lack the zing and vigour that they should ideally have to keep the audience engrossed and engaged? Do you ever wish that you knew how to handle the various types of participants that come in your sessions better? If you are looking for the answer to such questions and many more, then this is the session for you.

Our Train the Trainer workshops will take you through the entire training cycle and give you insights and practical experience into conducting the training need identification and analysis to identify and understand the problem at hand, designing content that is relevant for the audience and the problem, delivering an energy filled session which has a lot of participation and keeps your audience engaged and understanding how effective the session was. So whether you are new to this field or want to brush up your skills and learn some new tricks, we have something for everyone.

Come join us in what we do best, train!!!


Personal Effectiveness:

The term personal effectiveness means different things to different people. Some say it’s about communicating better, others say it’s about being able to manage multiple things at the same time while others announce it’s about completing work without getting stressed. Frankly, we agree with all of them. We also believe that underlying all of these is a factor that most of us tend to forget. A factor that controls of these and a number of other things that may also come under the personal effectiveness bracket!!! That factor is called ‘Attitude,’ the single most important thing that can decide whether you will be personally effective or not.

Many people say that a positive attitude is one of those things that you are born with and you either have it or you don’t. We strongly believe that it is something that can be cultivated as we explore a number of factors in our Personal Effectiveness workshops that influence out attitude.

Let’s together explore how we look at the world and how we can change the way we see it.


Enhanced Communication Skills:

When it comes to delving deeper into the mind to understand how it works, we are ever ready!!! Unearthing the mysteries of why we behave the way we do can answer a lot of unanswered questions and leave us feeling light and free.

All of us are similar beings with similar minds that work in a similar manner. Having studied this similar mind, some of the great stalwarts of our times have come up with the principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Transactional Analysis. We make use of these to take you deeper into yourself so that you may unlock the energy that may be stopping you from communicating the way that you would want to even after trying your best.


Stress Management:

Is stress really bad or is it our reaction to stress that makes it good or bad? If stress is an indicator that there is something wrong with the way our lives are going, don’t you think it is good?

Learning about stress and how to handle it is a subject that has inspired us for a long time. Having faced many stresses in our own lives, we have been constantly trying to find ways to tackle it. Our Stress Management workshops look at some of the ways that we have found in alleviating stress, ways that will definitely work for you to. So come join us in learning more about stress and its signs and practicing these tools and techniques so that you may have a stress free life, one that every human being deserves!!!


Pan India Mass Delivery Projects:

We have a large network of trainers spread across the country who help us in successfully executing pan India mass projects. We create the content here in Mumbai and after getting it approved by you we send it to all our trainers. We also do a train the trainer session for them to ensure that they are aware of what has to be delivered, how it has to be delivered and what outcome it should produce. In fact we make it a point to conduct a training need identification at various locations so that we capture the essence of what is required at each location and pass on that information to the trainer there. We also regularly take feedback from the local coordinators at each location to ensure that the session at each location is up to the mark.

This approach has helped us in delivering mass projects with the same quality being delivered at every location. Mass projects involve huge volumes and a lot of coordination, but what’s life without a good challenge!!!


Induction Programs:

Induction or new joinee programs are also very close to our heart. We know how it feels when you first enter an organisation. You are a little nervous because of the new surroundings and the new people. You don’t know your colleagues and breaking the ice with them can seem to be a task. Keeping these fears of our minds in mind, we have designed a holistic induction program that will not only help you bond with your colleagues but will also equip you with the skills that you need to be successful as an individual, team member or a part of your organization, not to mention the corporate world!!! We cover a large number of topics from attitude to communication to team building. These will help you in getting comfortable in the new set-up as well as achieving what you never thought you could during the course of your tenure with not only the present organization but even those that you will be joining after this one.


Content Design and Development:

We design and develop customized content for various organizations using Instructional Design Models like ADDIE and IDEA. This ensures that the content is as per the requirement, relevant to the audience and systematic in creation and presentation.

We believe in creating content that caters to visual, auditory as well as kinesthetic learners. Hence we use various training aids and methodologies like questionnaires, case studies, group discussions, role plays, quizzes, activities, games or concepts and power point presentations. We can create content for soft & behavioural skills programs, product and process training, standard operating procedures, vocational courses and anything else that you can think off!!!



An artistic way of unlocking the wisdom of your body so that you may live a holistic life; using your mind, body and soul. An international movement that has allowed participants all over the world to come closer to themselves simply by playing!!!

Interplay helps in:

  • Improving Performance
  • Reducing Stress
  • Allowing us to regain the lost balance in our lives
  • Making us feel lighter and more accepted
  • Increasing creativity
  • Appreciating the good things in life
  • Dealing with difficult situations
  • Developing Leadership Skills
  • Connecting with yourself and your companions, improving Cooperation, Collaboration and Communication
  • Increasing Employee Satisfaction and Commitment

How is this done??? Through movement, singing, dancing, stories, voice and a whole lot of fun!!!


Chef’s Paradise:

A team development program, focused on building high-performing teams through experiential simulation. It’s USP, a dynamic, powerful and engaging activity that will keep you on your toes while ensuring that you learn and have plenty of fun!!!

The ‘Chef’s Paradise’ provides an exceptional environment for assessing, analyzing and reviewing people dynamics. It provides a wealth of opportunities that mirror real business challenges, and is highly conducive for developing essential business capabilities and relationships. It shows how co-operation and teamwork is required for a more motivated, efficient and high-performing team with its team members focused towards achieving a common goal.

This unique Team Building workshop is about:

  • Team Work and Team Bonding
  • Communicating with clarity
  • Planning and Managing Resources to manage time
  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Leadership and Accountability, and
  • Most importantly giving up your limiting patterns and conditioning and opening up to New Possibilities.

This unique Team Building workshop is about:

  • Barriers to Opportunities
  • Complacency to ‘New Possibilities’
  • Mundane tasks to Interesting and Involving Assignments, bringing out a Team Vision and the Foresight to Go Beyond

In short, it will change your team’s dynamics completely!!!


Painting Workshops

So when was the last time you picked up a brush and painted something other than the walls of your house! Difficult to remember, isn’t it?

Let’s take you down memory lane and help you connect to the dormant child within you. Be prepared to express feelings that you have always found difficult to express and explore hidden aspects of yourself while unleashing your innate creativity.

Painting and art helps oneself in a wide spectrum of ways. So whether it’s about feeling good about yourself by reconnecting to a forgotten talent, connecting with yourself, pursuing your lost hobby, realising your talent, gaining concentration and focus, healing yourself, learning something new, improving your brain activity, relieving the daily stress we undergo or enhancing your self esteem, The Yellow Spot Paining workshops are exclusively designed for you and your team to meet some of the above objectives.

We invite you to come along, get ready to explore and have loads of fun through our Painting and Art workshops held on Wood Painting, Oil Painting, Charcoal Painting, Coffee Painting, Tera Cota, etc. and a variety of other types of paintings.


Image Consulting

Sounds complicated? Let’s break that down into simpler terms. Image consulting is the art of changing the way the world sees you, for which you simply need to change the way you look! Easier said than done? Well actually we can help you make it far easier than you think it can ever be!

As you are all well aware of, we are made up of two components - our external appearance and what happens within us, which is our internal self. Our external appearance is further broken down into our physical appearance as well as our behaviour.

Believe it or not, our external appearance accounts for only 10% to 15% of what we call our ‘personality’. The remaining 85% to 90% is made up of what is within us - our attitude, beliefs, values, fears, etc. These internal and external components both in turn feed each other and hence working on both becomes essential to bring about the required change to our image.

This is exactly what our image consultants help you do. Along with changing the way you dress, behave, your body language and communication, your hair and make-up, our image consultants can also help you become confident by tackling the mental roadblocks that keep you from achieving the success that you are capable of. So what are you waiting for, are you ready to change?


A Night of Music and Songs

Who doesn’t love music? It is the magic that unites one and all and a language that speaks that where words fall short.

Owing to the large number of requests that we have received, we have also taken a deep dive into the world of music and have brought some of its gems to the surface. We have with us a variety of artists that can enthral you, leaving you spellbound and asking for more. Whether its classical songs, bollywood numbers that you like, or a Sufi songs we can delight your musical taste-buds all the same.

So let us know what would you like to hear and we will definitely make it happen for you!


Managing Events

Corporate Events and gatherings hold a unique importance for employees and various stakeholders. If not organized well, it can become an average get-together or can even completely sabotage the event.

In order to turn an average event into a completely sensational and bespoke event it is important to hire a professional event management company.

With 9 years of experience in organizing corporate workshops, out-bounds, games, theatrical workshops and programs, we have gained good expertise when it comes to organising, comparing and hosting events. Besides these, we can also organise various other small events like painting and art, image consulting, martial arts, chocolate and cake making workshops to complement your seminars. The evening can also be topped up with some music, songs, dance with DJ or even fun party games!

You can also let us know if you have something in mind and we will be happy to customise the same for you.



A Fire-Walk teaches us that the real challenge is not the Fire; it is what the Fire does to us… If we can overcome what the fire does to us, we can conquer the physical fire. The same principle applies to other seemingly impossible challenges in our lives.

The Fire-Walk is an extremely powerful metaphor for Fear and Possibilities. It helps us understand a part of our mind, and influences our potential in life. By increasing our potential and managing it, one can literally achieve the impossible – walk over a bed of red-hot coals without burning. Every person can influence the outcome of his or her life in a positive manner by applying a couple of elementary principles to their lives.

A proper Fire-Walk is preceded by a process of preparation. This powerful metaphor has changed many people’s lives. It speaks for itself – if you can do this, what else can you also achieve in life that you previously thought was impossible?



Of all the metaphor activities that we offer in our intensive seminars, the glass-walk stands alone as an activity that is initially feared with more trepidation than the fire-walk itself. For those who have never experienced walking barefoot on broken glass, this activity requires total focus. Unlike the fire-walk that is briskly strolled across, the glass-walk is done very slowly and deliberately. The lesson here is to pay 100% attention. Without complete and absolute attention, the glass that one walks across is sharp and definitely has the ability to cut through human flesh.

As with any lesson learned along life's path, there are analogies to remind us of past experiences that we learnt as kids. We have all, at one time or another stepped on a piece of broken glass and cut our foot. Those memories conjure up images of pain and fright. So why did we cut our foot on a single piece of glass and when we glass-walk on 50 pounds of sharp pointed shards deliberately, we are able to make it across unscathed. The answer lies in deliberation. When we focus our minds on a single event, we are able to achieve things we once thought impossible. The glass-walk has the power to transform one’s life.


Bar Bending

Bending an Iron Bar is an exercise that helps people realize that there are things in life that appear impossible, but actually are quite achievable. Almost impossible to describe, two individuals completely bend a 7 foot long Iron Bar (yes, the ones used in concrete reinforcement) strategically placed in a very vulnerable location on the neck.

This metaphor teaches Commitment, Cooperation and Teamwork. It demonstrates that together we can access the power we have within us if we learn to trust one another and go for it. It’s not about strength, but about concentration, focus, trust and working together for a common purpose & goal. So when are you going to be a part of this awesome experience?


Board & Brick Breaking

Breaking boards or bricks with your bare hands might seem like an impossible thing to do, yet it actually requires very little strength if the correct technique is used. We teach people to break boards and bricks with their bare hands to demonstrate how the mind continually limits us. The mind would have us thinking that only someone extensively trained in martial arts can break bricks and boards. Also the mind might tell us that it’s too easy and limit us in giving our 100%. It’s this mind that controls our energy. When we label a task as too easy or too difficult our thoughts make the body release certain amounts of energy. If we think it’s too easy we release less energy which is too less to complete the given task. On the other hand if we think it’s too difficult then we might not just attempt it at all and the energy gets blocked.

The first step in approaching any challenge is to pay attention to your self-belief and programming. This can interfere with peak performance and ultimate success. The board or brick represents every situation in your life where you give less than 100% or shrink back because you feel intimidated. This metaphor is particularly suited for helping participants break through their limiting beliefs.