When we talk about our team building workshops at The Yellow Spot, it never fails to generate excitement among us! The Yellow Spot is known to be one of the best corporate team building companies in the country. Why? Because we are immensely passionate about team building events and simply love doing them. Be it inbound, outbound or pure adventure based; we have been able to bring out amazing results within and between teams.

Talking about corporate team building workshops, we have noticed that there is a very common misconception about them. People tend to misunderstand a team building training for just another recreational event hosted. They think it’s just about having fun. It is assumed to be a day where you play games and just enjoy yourself.

Well yes, that is the way we do it. We do make our participants play a lot of games and have plenty of fun, we don't deny that. But a team building workshop is a lot more than just fun and enjoyment. It presents a great opportunity for learning. Team building programs enhance the bonding between team members and bring them close to each other.

Why team building trainings?

In corporate training programs team building are one of those programs that most organizations plan for their team at least once a year. These organisations want to give their people a good team bonding experience. And it is this experience that makes them perform better as a team when they go back to work. Thus, team building events are specially organised to increase the overall team performance, eventually leading to better organisational performance. How do team building workshops do this? By taking teams through various experiences and making team members realize which aspects they may need to work on to make them a good team member.

Adventure Based Team Building Workshops

Who doesn't love adventure! And if you and your team get the opportunity to learn from and bond over those adventures, what's better than that? Going outdoor and experiencing an adventure with your team is a once in a lifetime opportunity in itself. Adventure based team building activities work best for building trust and enhancing communication between team members while supporting each other in tackling our inner fears.

Outbound Team building Workshops

Spending time with nature is something we all love doing. And learning in such a refreshing environment is one of the best ways of learning. Outbound team building trainings are exciting and keep participants pumped with energy. They also provide a great way to unwind, disconnect from daily life and all in all have a fun learning experience. We at The Yellow Spot, love outbound team building workshops. Our team has put in immense efforts in designing some completely out of the box games and activities for our outbound team building sessions.

Inbound Team Building Workshops

Not everyone has the liberty to go outdoors during every session, and we completely understand that. Staying in and still having fun while learning is also definitely possible. It’s another area that we excel in. We believe in keeping ourselves updated with what's trending. And what never goes out of trend is - Games! Games are something that we specialize in. Just like our outbound specialities, we have a host of inbound activities to get the best out of our participants.

What can be expected?

Some of the objectives that can be achieved from our Corporate Team Building programs are:

  • Breaking the ice between the team members
  • Knowing self and others better
  • Improving inter and cross functional team cohesiveness and collaboration
  • Improving our trust levels and interpersonal bonding
  • Utilising each other's strengths and overcoming weaknesses by coming together
  • Moving out of our comfort zone and tackling our inner fears
  • Strengthening communication
  • Managing conflicts within and between teams
  • Getting open to receiving feedback from others
  • Energizing and motivating the team
  • Improving leadership skills
  • Solving problems effectively
  • Innovating together
  • Managing resources effectively
  • Adapting to sudden unforeseen changes
  • Creating a belongingness to the organization
  • Looking at the big picture
  • Having a winning attitude

Why choose The Yellow Spot?

The Yellow Spot truly believes in connecting with the people at a deeper level and creating a difference in their lives. Each of our team members are held together by the same values and hence we give more than a 100% to every session that we facilitate. We also offer more than the regular off the shelf programs with our team building & communication training programs. Our team building programs are personally tailor made as per the client's need. In fact, customization is our USP! We invest a lot of time in pre-work and a detailed study of the participants' requirements, post which we come up with the required workshop design. All our team building workshops are designed and created keeping the experiential learning piece in mind. We look forward to giving and making every moment experiential for our participants.

Each of our team building activities are action packed and ensure high energy team bonding. Every activity is followed by a reflection session. Our debriefs are highly engaging and help participants connect to their learning through appropriate questioning. The Yellow Spot has good expertise in the facilitation of team building training programs. Our 10+ years of experience comes handy in understanding what will work and what won't. And giving the best experience to our clients and their people is what we pour our hearts in to. We are therefore a one stop shop for any kind of team building experience you are looking forward to. A place where we guarantee fun and learning all under one roof!

Who Loved Our Team Building Training Sessions?

Theatre Based Team Building Training

Team Building with Chefs Paradise

Outbound Team Building Training

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