Leadership remains the biggest human capital gap across the world despite the attention and investments made over recent times. Leadership is in the spotlight with ever-increasing demands:

  • From markets as economies change and global business dynamics shift
  • From investors with challenges mounting and competition growing
  • From the workforce that expects and behaves different
  • From the community looking for responsible and accountable actions and governance

The current business context requires a blend of leadership qualities. In addition to subject matter knowledge, cognitive expertise and technical capabilities: being agile to changing dynamics, strategic thinking, achievement orientation, sensitivity to diversity and communities, building strong partnerships,  inspiring others, mastery over self are at the heart of leadership success.

We are one of the leading Leadership Training companies in India which help leaders by addressing leadership development on the three levels of task, relationship and self. We work with leaders one-on-one, in groups and in intact teams. Our leadership solutions are co-created by blending workshops for skill building and mindset-shifts, post learning support to apply the new skills to specific real life challenges, team facilitation to embed the new way of working and coaching conversations for focused individual support.

Module Snippets


We know how it feels when you first enter a managerial role. You are a little nervous because of the enhanced responsibilities. You now no longer have to look after your own tasks but also have to ensure that your team is happy and completing their tasks on time.

Effective management is all about discipline in completing the assigned task and good managers maximise time, talent and resources to raise profits and morale. It consists of mapping one’s responsibilities, key support and communication lines to set and achieve organizational targets.

Our New Manager Induction or Managerial Skills Training shows managers how to increase the achievements of their team. It also helps them in understanding the key attributes of an effective manager and identifying their own areas for improvement to be able to implement these at their workplace.

Managerial Skills Training
Coaching & Mentoring Training


Every organization would like to develop the next set of leaders internally, rather than having to hire them from outside. Hence they have to be able to continually coach and mentor their juniors to be future leaders. For this to be done successfully, good coaching and mentoring skills are required.

Coaching and Mentoring can be an effective performance management and talent development tool. For leaders and managers, effective coaching and mentoring skills can enhance their team’s performance and morale which in turn will greatly increase success. This course will equip participants to develop people’s potential, allowing them to fulfil organisational goals.


You must have had to go through difficult conversations not only at the workplace but even in your personal life. Conversations like the ones that get heated and emotions are flying high or the ones where communication stops and there’s an unbearable silence that can go on for months together and even years at times! These could be conversations where stakes are very high like in a sales meet where we are desperately trying to close the deal or a typical heated conversation with our partner at home.

Either ways, handling such conversations tactfully is difficult yet crucial. Our Skillful Conversations Training teaches you how to manage such exchanges sensitively and competently.

Communication Training
Goal Setting Training


A goal is something that we want to achieve. Its aim is to guide one’s action towards the desired object or state.

Whether you have small dreams or lofty expectations, setting goals allows you to plan how you want to move through life to achieve them. Some achievements can take a lifetime to attain, while others can be completed in the course of a day. Either way the most important part is planning how you are going to get there. And that’s where we come in. In our Goal Setting Trainings, we not only help you get started, the toughest part of the ordeal, but also help you plan to fulfil even the loftiest of dreams!


Authentic leaders are the ones who know themselves, are consistent within themselves and have a positive and strength based orientation towards one’s development and the development of others. Such Leaders are transparent with their values and beliefs. They exhibit a higher level of moral reasoning capacity, allowing them to see between grey and the shades of grey.

Our Leadership Skills Training will help you align yourself and in turn your people towards a common goal. It will help you in showing them a shared vision that they can work towards and empower them to achieve their goals by serving their customers with excellence. It will also help you imbibe  various skills possessed and used by leaders.

Leadership Training
Strategic Thinking Training


Simply put, Strategic Thinking is the ability to see the larger picture and connect the dots to help an organization prosper by going beyond daily transactions.

What is it that strategic thinkers have, that the others don’t? The right mindset, zeal to achieve the unimaginable, confidence to ask the tough questions and urge to constantly evolve. They are always curious and look at information from different viewpoints, bringing in newness and improving on the old. Different possibilities, approaches and potential outcomes fuel them and help them take their organization to the next level.

Join our Strategic Thinking Training to ignite your creativity and analytical ability to take you beyond your current mindset. So take the leap to unleash your true potential and become what you are capable of becoming.


Performance Coaching consists of a series of conversations between a Coach and the employee commonly called the ‘Coachee’ to discuss how the employee can improve his performance. It gives rise to a trusting relationship between the two which helps the employee open up to the Coach on difficulties that he may be facing on the Professional and Personal front which may be coming in the way of his further growth. These conversations help the coachee come up with solutions to their problems.

If you would like your employees to be able to go to the next level of success, you can opt for our Performance Coaching sessions. We can help all your employees from the entry to executive level, to identify and overcome the road blocks in achieving their true potential.

Performance Coaching workshop
Supervisory Skills Training


A supervisor has to strike a good balance between his superiors and team in order to achieve the required goals.

They are faced with the challenging task of overseeing the execution of work. They have to multitask in order to link job roles and responsibilities to organisational goals, manage processes and other resources, apply human resource management skills, identify their own and their teams contribution to the organization, lead, manage and motivate their team to meet management expectations.

Our Supervisory Skills Training is designed for line managers, supervisors and team leaders. It explores the various needs of present-day supervisors and equips them with skills and knowledge for effective performance.

Some of Our Leadership Development Clients

Coaching and Mentoring

Strategic Leadership and Goal Setting

Managerial Skills Training