The extent and pace of change in technology, competition and market dynamics has created a new economic and social reality that organizations must meet. Pushing product, process, technology or financial levers alone is inadequate to meet today’s challenges. Business Leaders often need to transform their entire organizations. To do so, they must leverage people to meet their business challenges because people are at the heart of every organization’s success.

Aligning workforce attitudes and behaviors with continuously changing organization contexts & goals often requires a deeper shift. The most effective way to achieve this shift is through deliberate Organisational development consulting initiatives that are focused on building capable leaders, reforming organizational processes and driving a conscious desirable culture.

In the last couple of years we have partnered with organizations engaged in different transformation journeys:

  • Designing and implementing behavioral standards for senior leaders to role model a desired organization culture
  • Building sensitivity to changing market dynamics and creating a ‘One business model’ which involves fostering collaboration and breaking down silos
  • Developing and conducting Development Centers for leadership competencies
  • Creating competitive advantage by building a Customer Centric Culture
  • Organising Learning weeks and events
  • Delivering Leadership Development workshops

Module Snippets


Performance management is a process by which managers and employees work together to plan, monitor and review an employee’s work objectives. It is an ongoing process where goals and objectives are set at the start of the year and progress is assessed at various occasions in the year. Feedback and coaching is given to employees to ensure that they are meeting their objectives and career goals.

We can help you do this by assisting you in setting up a performance management system suited to your organization. We can also train your managers on how to assess their employees in an unbiased manner and have performance conversations with them. We also conduct assessments like 360 degree feedback, assessment centres, etc. to assess the employee and conduct training based on the results.

Performance Management Training
Competency Management Training


In today’s dynamic and competitive environment, organisations are putting in enormous efforts in hiring competent employees and developing necessary competencies in existing ones. It has become essential for organizations to update and re-evaluate their competencies and to act upon making necessary changes. Thus competency mapping is becoming the need of the hour for organizations to have the best for fighting competition.

Competency Mapping helps in an individual’s career growth by recognizing their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It helps in identifying the gap between current competency levels and those required by the organisation for accomplishing the goals and objectives successfully. Competency Mapping is thus becoming an essential tool in creating roadmaps for making people capable of meeting their job demands.


Assessment Centres are typically used in selecting competent candidates for promotional purposes and in succession planning. Some companies may also choose to deploy this for selection of candidates for senior positions in recruitments.

A Development Centre on the other hand, is focused more on the participants’ further professional development and may make use of various training and coaching activities to further develop the candidate thereafter.

We can design an assessment centre for you, deploying a battery of exercises and activities for assessing your employee’s talent. We can also create a development centre for you, where we can help these employees equip themselves with the tools that they require to meet the challenges of their current or next role successfully.

Professional Development Training
Career Development Traininhg


We’ve all been asked the question “Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now” in an interview. We tend to keep the answer ready for an interview, but how many of us ask ourselves this question during our tenure in an organisation.

Knowing our goals and aspirations while working in an organisation is important. Creating and following a plan for achieving them, even more.

Through our Career Journey interventions we help employees chart out a course within an organization for career development. This involves studying the desired job role and what competencies are required to reach there. An honest look is then taken at the employee’s existing competencies. Finally a plan is made and support is given to obtain what is necessary in each area to attain the coveted role.


The HR function performs a large number of activities. Right from creating and implementing HR policies, compensation and benefits, employee training and development, administrative activities, recruitment and selection, employee engagement activities, joining and exit formalities, performance management, employee relations as well as looking into strategic HR; they do it all.

Some organisations may or may not have formal HR departments and may lack the expertise in some of these areas. To ensure that this lack does not have a negative effect on the Human Resources of the organization, The Yellow Spot offers its clients HR Consulting and Outsourcing services. We can bring in our expertise in a particular HR domain or handle your entire HR department so that you can focus on other important activities and yet have your HR function in place.

Organisational Development


The vibe that you get when you enter a company building is an outcome of the culture of the employees working there. It is based on the values, beliefs and principles that the team, function or organisation on a whole share.

Who shapes this culture? It is largely the leaders. They have a huge influence on organizational culture and their words and actions shape a major portion of it. The way they behave; take accountability, what they put their focus on, behaviours they reward and punish, how they allocate resources, etc. is continuously being watched and mirrored by employees as an ideal way of working.

Join us in our Organisational Culture sessions to get aware of what and how you can change your organisational culture by making changes in your ways.


Vision, Mission and Value statements are important as they provide a direction to the organisation and its employees. It is the first step towards organisational development.

What happens when you don’t have these in place or realize that they don’t say what you intended them to? You have a bunch of people working in different directions, trying to achieve different goals based on their personal goals.

We can help you ensure that you never have to go through such a situation by helping you brainstorm and create a vision, mission and values framework which is apt for your organisation. This will have the desired impact on your employees and help them move in the direction that you want them to.

Leadership Team Effectiveness workshops


The success of any organisation highly depends on the ability of the leadership team to quickly adapt and align themselves to the dynamically changing environment. Collaboration between the leadership team becomes essential, as they together have to facilitate change in the organisation to take it forward.

In our Leadership Team Effectiveness workshops, we partner with leadership teams of organisations who are willing to overcome their internal resistance and take a major leap. We focus on driving effectiveness and building capabilities in real-time, keeping the critical goals of the organization as the priority. Our experience says that when the team of leaders in the organisation thrive, they transform the entire organisation and can then take it to the next level.


Change Management is an approach used in transitioning individuals, teams and organizations from a present state to a desired future state.

Globalization and the constant innovation of technology have led to a constantly evolving business environment which results in an ever increasing need for change. Yet it becomes difficult for organizations to manage and adapt to this dynamic environment due to the resistance faced in changing their old structure, culture and processes. The organizations that adapt quickest to the changing environment create a competitive advantage for themselves, while the companies that refuse to change get left behind.

Join us in understanding how to handle change and its components through our Change Management training. We will take you through the ideal change process and help you in understanding how you can apply the same to your organisation.

Change Management Training
Event Management Training


Lot of organisations these days look forward to integrating training activities in their corporate events as it brings about learning along with fun.

The biggest advantage of combining these two is that it generates a high energy team atmosphere and leaves the team motivated and raring to go. Employees collaborate and bond with each other, inspiring them to work better together.

In such corporate events we can also address other challenges that are being faced by the employees and derive the required learning outcomes in an enjoyable manner.

If fun is all that you are looking for, we have a great set of activities that can help you do just that too!

Some of Our Organisational Effectiveness Clients

Vision, Mission & Values

Individual Development Plan

Assessment/ Development Centre