Our Story

The Yellow Spot is a convergence of like-minded ‘believers’ and ‘seekers’ with diverse backgrounds, unique life journeys, varied corporate experiences and a common zest for ‘learning’ and ‘change’.

It was founded in 2008, based on our observation that content-heavy PowerPoint slides and conceptual models don’t equip people to learn new skills, enable change or empower leadership. We felt there was a more meaningful way to develop individual and organizational capability and set up The Yellow Spot to provide it.

Since then we’ve been privileged to walk alongside many courageous individuals as they take the necessary steps to learn and transform themselves and their businesses.

We have also had a chance to integrate with many wonderful trainers and facilitators from all walks of life. They have helped us deliver some incredible interventions across the country in the soft skills, behavioural skills, leadership & organisation development spheres through the experiential learning route.

What Makes Us, US

Our commitment to Learning and Organization Development runs deeper than a business proposition: it’s our reason for being.

Our aim is to hold space that allows exploration and transformation, with the capability to keep evolving yourselves, making you self-sufficient in the process.

Our vision is to transform individuals, transform organizations to create a co-evolved World: One business at a time.

Our approach involves working collaboratively with clients to address what is real and urgent in their business.

We will:

  • Strive to create a positive tangible difference in the lives of people we work with
  • Seek to continuously improve ourselves, our teams and our thinking in order to provide market leading solutions
  • Be generous with our knowledge and expertise
  • Be empathetically direct with our clients and honest in our dealings
  • Strive to build relationships that outlast the consulting project
  • Our clients feel comfortable enough to unravel their core truths and challenges
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