Our Story


Who we are

The Yellow Spot was founded in 2008, with a keen desire to enable change and empowerment within organisations. And what started off as a pure Corporate Training company; soon evolved into a one-stop shop for Corporate Training, Executive and Performance Coaching, Group Facilitation, Content Creation, Leadership & Organisation Development and Client Consulting. Off late it has added Virtual Instructor Lead Training to its basket of offerings, which is helping it reach out to a larger number of corporate clients.

Over the past 15+ years; the company has built a robust PAN India platform consisting of a large pool of Corporate Trainers, Facilitators, Coaches, Organisation Development Consultants and Content Writers. And while all of these hail from diverse backgrounds, have unique life journeys and varied corporate experiences; they all share a common zest for ‘learning,’ ‘unlearning’ and ‘change.’ They have all played a key role in shaping the organisation the way it is today.

Through its enriching journey; The Yellow Spot has had the privilege of supporting many willing Employees, Teams, Leaders and Organisations as they take the necessary steps to transform themselves and their businesses.

The Meaning


What we represent

The Yellow Spot represents the ‘Rising Sun’. Just as the rising sun spreads its light in all directions; The Yellow Spot enables growth and positivity, bringing brightness to every life it touches.

It creates a space where employees feel safe and valued for; and can confidently take steps towards creating change within themselves and in the organisations they serve. And that is what makes them unleash their inner potential and take their service to the very next level.

What Makes Us, US


What we truly stand for

  • Transforming the lives of individuals and organizations to create a co-evolved World with self-sustaining people. We strive to create a positive tangible difference in the lives of the people we work with.
  • Committing to leading and supporting change, which runs a lot deeper than just a business proposition. In fact, it’s our reason for existing. It’s also the reason we are always motivated and enthusiastic about giving all that we have in every intervention
  • Holding a space that allows exploration, transformation and evolution is essential. That’s why we make it a point to ensure that our clients feel comfortable enough to unravel their core truths and challenges.
  • Experimenting is a part and parcel of our lives. We try different tools and techniques on ourselves and share our knowledge, experience and expertise with our clients and participants. We also seek to continuously improve ourselves, our teams and our thinking in order to provide our clients and participants the best solutions.
  • Collaborating with our clients to address what is real and urgent in their business and help them find a solution to meet their challenges and needs. We work on building relationships that outlast our consulting projects and training interventions. Honesty and transparency are values that we live by

Our Core Team


The heart and soul of The Yellow Spot

Ambrish Pandya - Founder and Partner at The Yellow Spot

Ambrish Pandya


As a kid, Ambrish was perplexed by questions like “Who am I”, “What’s the true purpose of life,” and during difficult times “Why me.” During his corporate exposure, he realized his need to be unstructured, spontaneous and creative. These questions and realizations led to the birth of The Yellow Spot in 2008. His journey since, has helped him dig deeper and unfold the answers to some of these questions and also helped others’ find theirs.

Academically, Ambrish has pursued his Post Graduate in Human Resource Management from XLRI Jamshedpur. He is also a Financial Planner from CII- London and a Master’s Degree holder in Commerce. Besides; he is a certified trainer from Australian Institute of Management,  an OD consultant, and a Master NLP and Gestalt Practitioner.

Of his 43+ years of life experience, Ambrish has spent 15+ years with TYS and another 12+ years with companies like Mafoi Management Consultants, Prudential Process Management Services, Bank of America, Citibank, Hutchison Max and JP Morgan India in various domains and capacities. At TYS; Ambrish pursues facilitation, client relationship, sales and strategy. Besides this, he also enjoys working on himself, reading, trekking, running, behavioral psychology, working for street animals, exploring holistic therapies and wandering.

Nandini holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering and Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources. She brings with her a total work experience of 15+ years and has been an integral part of TYS for the past 11+ years. Prior to TYS; she has worked with ICICI Bank in Retail Branch Banking being involved in banking operations, customer service and technical training. She has also handled Recruitments, HR Operations and Training Operations at Binani Industries Limited.

Nandini is driven by her passion for helping people. She wants to be an instrument of change and help others in living happier lives. She strongly believes that the human mind is a tool, which if understood well, has the potential to transform lives. She has dabbled with numerous techniques in her pursuit to gain control over her own inner landscape which she uses while facilitating. She is now an ardent mindfulness practitioner and, on a mission, to help more using it.

At TYS, she is actively involved in Content Design and Delivery, Operations, Client & Trainer Management, Marketing and other back-office activities. She enjoys spending time in meditation, working on her and other’s emotional well-being, travelling and being with nature.

Nandini Tandon - Key Stakeholder at The Yellow Spot

Nandini Tandon

Key Stakeholder

Kosha Pandya - Key Stakeholder at The Yellow Spot

Kosha Pandya

Key Stakeholder

Kosha has been instrumental in finding the company's name; 'The Yellow Spot' and its meaning. And is passionate about sharing the ‘Why, When, What, Where and How about The Yellow Spot with people.  She has played a supportive role at The Yellow Spot since its inception and is now involved in Marketing and Business Development.

Her rich experience of 13 years includes working with firms like Gold Star, Kama Schachter and US based Gold & Gems within the Marketing, Branding and Product Development space. And travelling globally and has helped her gain a 360-degree view of business, people, culture and places.

She pursued a course in Neuro Linguistic Programming in 2011, which proved to be a life changing experience for her. She has also recently participated in a Facilitator Development Program which has added a lot of value to her and helped her understand the nuances of training and facilitation at a deeper level.

Over the past few years she has discovered her hidden interest in behavioural science. And enjoys dwelling in the same by learning and experimenting on herself and with those around her. 

Jinal holds a Master's degree in Industrial Psychology from Mithibai College, Mumbai, which has equipped her with a deep understanding of human behavior. She utilizes this knowledge to enhance her interactions and create meaningful connections.

Working at The Yellow Spot gives her the freedom to voice her opinions and creative ideas. The organization values her contributions and provides a safe platform for her to learn, grow, and develop professionally.

As an individual, she exudes hope and positivity even during the most challenging times. Moreover, as a highly sensitive person, Jinal possesses a unique ability to deeply empathize with others. Her innate sensitivity allows her to understand and share the emotions of those she interacts with. Jinal firmly holds the belief that every individual has a fundamental need to feel seen and heard. And thus, she considers empathy and self-awareness to be among the strongest qualities that one can possess.

Outside of her professional life, Jinal indulges in her hobbies, such as reading non-fiction books, baking delicious desserts, and exploring new places through travel.

Jinal Mistry - Key Stakeholder at The Yellow Spot

Jinal Mistry

Key Stakeholder

Introducing Shweta Padave, a vibrant and dedicated professional with a Bachelor's in Management Studies from BGPS College in Mumbai.Shweta started her career in a busy Bhandup call center, but her real passion is in the field of accounting. With precision and finesse, she now thrives as an Accountant and Admin at TYS, where her responsibilities include handling billing, managing TDS, and ensuring the seamless upkeep of account sheets. A master at maintaining order, Shweta also excels in updating tally entries and uploading invoices.Beyond her work life, Shweta takes comfort in the beat of music and the rush of video games during her leisure time.She is well known for sticking by her friends and always keeping it real, and she is all about being around people who value honesty and loyalty like she does. Even with her packed schedule, Shweta spends quality time with her family, soaking up those special moments that keep her going. She is about dedication, and passion in everything she does and lives life to the fullest.

Jinal Mistry - Key Stakeholder at The Yellow Spot

Shweta Padave

Key Stakeholder