Humans take time to form habits. Similarly, they take time to change their old habits too. And that’s why we recommend longer soft skills training interventions over the quick shot in the arm.

Short interventions are great when it comes to learning a skill or gaining some awareness. However, if we want to change behaviour or have a larger pool of skills to be learned, longer interventions are the way to go. They are more effective because;

  • Learning is spaced out over a longer duration and hence easier to assimilate
  • Participants get the opportunity to practice every learning, taking one learning at a time
  • There are multiple facilitator touch points and hence better support
  • Blended learning approach is used with training, coaching and post learning projects to provide a holistic experience
  • Pre and post assessments are carried out to understand the change created
  • Line managers are included in the process to improve the transfer climate

And that’s why we have put together some great corporate training packages for you and your teams. These can be completely customised based on your requirement and availability in terms of;


Personal Effectiveness Package

Why Personal Effectiveness?

We all want to be successful in our careers. And for this, being effective at what we do is essential. To achieve our goals, it’s important we deliver quality outputs within the stipulated time. We also need to have fruitful conversations with our stakeholders to get our tasks completed. And all of this, is only possible when we manage ourselves well.

We therefore recommend our Personal Effectiveness Skills Package to all those wanting to excel at their work. It will help you lead yourself and manage others to achieve organisational success.

Why Sales Effectiveness?

Every organisation's sole purpose is to offer goods or services in the market with the objective of adding value, making profits and growing. However, while many organizations come up with the best products or services for achieving the same, some are unable to present them effectively in the market. And that’s where the skills of their sales teams really matter.

We therefore present to you, our Sales Effectiveness Package. This package holistically grooms your sales personnel and makes them an essential ingredient of your organisation's success.

Sales Effectiveness Package
Management / Leadership Development Package

Why Managerial / Leadership Skills?

Managerial / Leadership Skills are the foundation of business effectiveness. They are of utmost importance for directing our teams and getting the best out of them for ensuring organisational success.

So, whether you are a first-time Manager or a home-grown Manager; our Managerial / Leadership Development Package is what will give you that extra edge. It will help you in managing your team well and make you a leader your team and organisation will definitely look up to. And that’s definitely a recipe for success!

Why Employee Wellness and Engagement?

Imagine a workplace where employees feel passionate about their job, valued and energised to come to everyday! Sounds unreal? Well, it’s possible. But only if you are willing to put Employee Wellness and Engagement on your priority list. After all, employee loyalty begins with employer loyalty. And the result, therefore, lies in your hands.

So, go ahead and show your employees that you care by gifting them our Employee Wellness and Engagement Package. Help them get in sync with themselves in various spheres of their lives and see how it gets them in sync with their work and organisation.

Employee Wellness & Engagement Package
Work from Home Package

Why Work from Home?

The thought of working from home is exciting. But it’s not as easy when you get down to actually doing it! Why? Because the number of distractions can be quite high. Family members wanting attention or assistance, inability to sustain ‘work mode’ for long, coordination issues with your team, missing your colleagues and your reactions to all of these!

‘Work from Home’ is, however, here to stay. And it's, therefore, best we learn how to adapt to this change well. We, therefore, recommend our Work from Home package for a happier and more productive experience while working from home.

Why Team-Building Packages?

Teams are the heart and soul of every organization. And it’s rightly said that a team that gels well performs well. It’s therefore crucial that we work on building strong cohesive teams. Teams that can overcome any challenge together and fulfil your organisational goals and a lot more!So, make your team a ‘Dream Team,’ by arranging a specially crafted Team Building Package for them based on their needs. Give them the opportunity to understand one another better, learn what clicks for each one, communicate smoothly and build synergistic bonds that have the ability to move mountains! Yes, it’s possible!

English Language Package

Why English Language?

Let’s face facts. English has become a global language. And if we are comfortable speaking and writing in English, we can easily communicate with almost anyone in India and across the globe! Therefore, it’s extremely important that we get our employees proficient in the same. Not only will it make their communication faster and better, but it will also improve their overall confidence.

So, go ahead and give your employees the gift of language with our English Language Package. And proudly watch them create a great impression on clients and other stakeholders, reduce miscommunication and pave the way for growth for your organization and themselves!

Some of Our Training Packages Clients

Personal Effectiveness Package

Managerial Development Package

Personal Effectiveness Package