Delhi being the heart of the country, many organizations have come up which offer corporate training in Delhi and the neighbouring Gurugram area.

With the growth of Manufacturing, Services, Educational and other ancillary industries in and around Delhi & NCR, many corporate companies have opened up their corporate and branch offices in Delhi. This has increased the need for skilled resources in the area, multifold.

Government efforts like the ‘Make in India’ movement and other rural employment initiatives in the region has also made corporate training in Delhi more and more essential.

Corporate Training - An Essential

As we all know, the current quality of available resources is unable to meet industry demands. There is a distinct gap between what is required of the resources and what they have to offer. Unfortunately, the education that we impart to our students is also quite obsolete and not relevant to what the industry demands. Contrary to their claims, even our B-Schools are more cognitively focused and have a dearth of experiential learning. Therefore, apart from unskilled and semi-skilled resources which are a part of organizations, the pool of fresh graduates and post graduates joining organizations also lack the required skills.  Most of what they learn is only at a knowledge level, lacking the experiential element almost completely. This makes application of the knowledge back on their job difficult for them.

Therefore this is giving rise to a huge need for skilling resources and improving their capability to fulfill current industry demands.


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To fulfill these large organizational training and skilling needs, many companies have set up their own internal training centers. However, number of employees to be trained in many large organizations is quite large and hence covering all their needs is becoming near impossible for these thinly spread departments.

Understanding this gap; there has been a steady rise in the number of individuals, institutions and corporate training companies in Delhi offering learning and development solutions. These corporate training companies in Delhi along with institutes that provide Skill Development opportunities provide technical, functional and behavioral programs to corporates and students.

They have together played a large role in bridging the existing developmental gap by honing the skills and knowledge of their participants and bringing about a measurable change in their behaviour. They have also brought in more creative ways for people to learn & develop and also helped the internal client training and learning departments in enhancing their own capability and creativity by partnering with them.

Many corporate training companies in Delhi have therefore proved to be good external support and have helped in fulfilling training needs of these industries.

With the training companies in Delhi mushrooming in every corner, the options available to clients has gone up tremendously. Our experience in the training field enables us to provide impeccable training session and satisfied experience to our clients in all areas of corporate training and development!

Most of the training companies in Delhi are run by trainers & consultants who have worked in Learning & Development departments of large firms in the capacity of a trainer, facilitator, instructional designer, process coach, content designer, coordinator, counseller, etc. Others come from the fields of psychology, social sciences, sports, armed forces and even animal lovers! They are all passionate trainers and motivational speakers, who have joined this noble cause and have contributed immensely.

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Corporate training in Delhi has also undergone a drastic change. Earlier, most of the corporate training was focused on classroom sessions. Now with technology having advanced so much, computer based and mobile training are also being used and many training companies in Delhi have moved towards adopting such technology solutions. These work well for large scale training engagements which require standardized generic topics delivered on a mass scale. They are also useful in providing learning and training management systems which help keep a track of the training sessions conducted and as well as assist in collation of the results of pre and post training effectiveness measures.

On the whole, the ground for corporate training in Delhi is getting richer and richer and the scope wider and wider, day by day. This is attracting plenty of new talent to the industry and the best part about it is there is no entry barrier.

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