Corporate Training Programs & their Contribution to Business & Employee Success

There has been a substantial growth in Manufacturing, Services, Education and other ancillary industries in and around Delhi & NCR. And its due to this, that many organisations have opened up their corporate and branch offices in Delhi. This has increased the need for skilled resources in the area, multi-fold. Government efforts like the ‘Make in India’ movement and other rural employment initiatives in the region, have also made corporate training in Delhi more and more essential. And to cater to this need, many corporate training companies have come up which offer corporate training solutions in Delhi and the neighbouring Gurugram area.

As many of us are aware, there is currently a distinct gap between what the industry demands from our students and what they have to offer. And unfortunately, our education system being obsolete and irrelevant to industry needs, is unable to bridge this gap. Even our B-Schools are more cognitively focused and have a dearth of experiential learning. This makes application of learning back on the job difficult for students. And eventually, gives rise to a pool of fresh graduates and post-graduates joining organizations with below average skills. This in turn, gives rise to a huge need of skilling our resources and improving their capability to fulfil current industry demands.
Understanding this gap; there has been a steady rise in the number of corporate training companies in Delhi offering learning and development solutions. These corporate training companies in Delhi provide skill development opportunities in the form of technical, functional and behavioural programs to corporates and students. And have played a major role in bringing about a measurable change in their skills and behaviour. They have also successfully brought in more creative ways for people to learn and develop. And have therefore proved to be good support to their clients by fulfilling their training needs.

Corporate training in Delhi

On the whole, the ground for corporate training in Delhi is getting richer, day by day. Students and corporate employees now look forward to corporate training that can enhance their skills sets and take them to the next level. And this is the very reason for the increase in the number of corporate training companies in Delhi.

Why Corporate Training Programs from The Yellow Spot?

Our 11+ years of experience in the training field enables us to provide impeccable training to our participants. And having trained more than 37,000 participants across 170+ organisations, we are adept at delivering solutions in all areas of corporate training and development. Having delivered a number of sessions in and around Delhi, we have a pool of trainers and consultants placed in the Northern parts of our country.
Some of them have worked in the learning and development departments of large firms in the capacity of trainer, facilitator, instructional designer, coach, Head HR, etc. Others come from the fields of psychology, social sciences, sports, armed forces and even animal lovers! They are all passionate about corporate training and have contributed immensely to make us what we are today. And its because of their vast and diverse experience that we are able to provide customised training solutions to our clients in Delhi using creative and experiential learning methodologies.https://www.high-endrolex.com/29

Corporate Training Programs

Sales Training Program

Becoming confident sales professionals who understand the customer and their pain points well. Committing to providing them with the most valuable solutions for establishing a trust based and long-lasting relationship.

Communication Skills Training

Overcoming internal barriers, enhancing our listening & questioning skills, improving our body language & voice, being more assertive & handling difficult conversations. Enhancing our face-to-face, e-mail, telephone & meeting etiquette.

Team Building Training

Bonding with each other to improve interconnectedness and cohesiveness within and between teams and departments. Collectively achieving challenging goals through support, encouragement and increased trust levels.

Leadership Skills Training

Imbibing the skills required to be a great leader for leading and managing teams effectively. Influencing and motivating team members to achieve higher goals while keeping the larger picture in mind.

Train The Trainer Program

Developing budding trainers by enhancing their capability to provide end-to-end training solutions. Effective identification & analyses of training needs, design & development of training content, delivery & evaluation of training.

Personality Development Training

Understanding components of our inner and outer personality. Using tools and techniques for enhancing our personality by working on our beliefs, thought processes, fears, emotions, behaviour, grooming, etc.

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