Over the years, the learning and development field has seen a huge transformation with regards to its focus, learner expectations and methodologies. And there have been some interesting developments in the same.

Training started off as early as the 19th century, in the form of Apprenticeship and On-the-Job training. And gradually got transformed to the more popular Classroom training. Then came the advent of computers which brought about Computer based learning, Simulated learning and thereafter, Blended learning. Experiential learning also made its mark. And with advancing technology and the introduction of the internet; various online learning methodologies came to the fore. E-Learning, Mobile learning, Social learning. And the more recent Virtual Instructor led learning, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality based learning. These have all been progressively added to the list.

Virtual Learning

Keeping with this spirit of change and transformation, we, at The Yellow Spot, have added live Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) to our offering’s basket. This methodology combines classroom and online training. And provides it’s users the benefits of both.

Virtual Instructor Led Training simulates classroom training, virtually. Which means, participants attend the training session in real time and interact with the facilitator just like they would in a classroom session. They also ask questions, participate in activities and have meaningfulness discussions. It’s just that this is all done over an online platform. And from the comfort of their home, office or any location of their choice.

Our corporate clients can avail our customised virtual instructor led trainings for their employees. Most of our classroom offerings can be modified and delivered in the virtual format. Clients can therefore share their training objectives with us. And we can design and further customise these to deliver virtual sessions that cater to the specific need of the audience.

Features and Advantages of Virtual Instructor-Led Training


Q: What is the typical duration of a VILT?

It depends on the topic being delivered but is typically less than the duration of a classroom session on the same topic.  Each VILT is divided into short sessions of 3 to 4 hour each day, based upon the number of such sessions required to cover the topic.


Q: Is Classroom training, VILT or E-Learning more effective? 

Classroom training is the most effective out of the three. However, VILT provides a good alternative to classroom training in certain scenarios. For instance; when you have participants at different locations, the trainer is unable to travel to the training venue, you have a tight budget or are short on time.  VILT provides the advantages of online training, while retaining the human element. E-learning may be more suitable where you have knowledge based training. And which need to be delivered in large numbers across your organisation.


Q: Can we use a blended approach where we use classroom and VILT?

Yes, you can. The topics that require physical presence of the participants or trainer can be done in a classroom format and the remaining can be done online using VILT.


Q: Is VILT more cost effective than classroom sessions?

Yes it is. Therefore if you are running on a tight budget but still want the best trainers, VILT is the way to go. VILT also saves the cost of man hours spent on training as it is delivered as short duration sessions. Which leaves time to work for the remaining part of the day.

Some of Our Virtual Training Clients

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