We all have dreams and aspirations that we wish to fulfil. However, we often face hurdles in our path to success. And sometimes even give up on the way. What results, is a mediocre life where we blame circumstances for our failure. And carry an innate disappointment at being unable to utilise our full potential.

Yet, little do we realise or are ready to accept, that most of these obstacles are not due to the situations we face in our lives. They are, in fact, due to the way we choose to face them. And this is largely born out of our attitude, motivations, values, beliefs, fears and complexes. There are all stored deep down in our subconscious mind and silently impact every thought, behaviour and action of ours.

Changing these, however, can get difficult at times, as our subconscious mind is hidden and may not reveal itself to us so easily. Which is why we require external expertise and support. And can be sought in the form coaching, counselling, mentoring and training services.

Interestingly, with the changing times, the boundaries between these services have started blurring and a mixed approach is being used the world over. At, The Yellow Spot, we understand this and help our clients select the service that can offer them the best results. We also recommend following a blended approach. One which gives our clients a holistic experience and fulfils their needs at various stages of their learning journey.



Coaching helps employees explore and realise their potential. This enables them to action their desired goals, improve their attitude and morale; and eventually move forward in life. Coaching has been around for quite some time now. And whether it be used in academia where it had its origin, or the more popular sports coaching, it has helped people from various walks of life improve their performance tremendously.

The corporate world too has started embracing coaching over the past few decades. It now realises its benefits and the role a coach plays in bringing about a change in human behaviour. This in turn directly influences employee performance.

Being well aware of the immense benefits that coaching provides, we, at The Yellow Spot, offer coaching as stand alone engagements and also blend the same into our training programs.

Benefits of Coaching

Who can attend a Coaching Program?

Executives, Leaders, Managers and High Potential Employees

Employees wanting to improve their performance, morale and attitude

Those wanting to positively influence their team/ people’s performance