Corporate Training Programs & their Contribution to Business & Employee Success

There is a strong presence of the top corporate training companies in Bangalore. In fact, Bangalore has been a huge market for such services since a long time now. And one of the key factors contributing to the growth of these companies there, is the advent of the IT industry. With it, it has brought about an increasing need to train and develop the professionals that are joining this sector in large numbers every year. And as technology advances and expands the industry further, the need for corporate training and corporate training programs will continue to grow.

To fulfil this training and development need, some of the larger organizations in Bangalore are equipped with their very own inhouse team of trainers. These trainers train and facilitate on both functional (product, process, systems) and behavioural skills training (soft skills, managerial skills, leadership skills, etc.). Many organisations, on the other hand, outsource their learning needs, at least partially. This is because many of them lack the time and resources required to reach out to such large audiences. Others lack the expertise required to deliver some of their training requirements, especially in the behavioural domain. And this is where the role of corporate training providers truly come in.


Industries served by corporate training companies in Bangalore
IT Hub in Bangalore

Corporate training companies offer their expertise and resources in helping such organisations fulfil the learning needs of their employees. They provide such organisations the best and most appropriate learning solutions. And give their employees the opportunity to be the best at what they do.

To do this, corporate training solution providers in Bangalore make use of different types of trainers. These trainers are experts in their fields and may have past exposure predominantly in a particular industry e.g. Banking, Auto, FMCG, etc. Some of these trainers also have a sales background or are experts in customer service. Others may have studied human psychology, behavioural science or have been a behavioural trainer with a company in the past. Corporate training companies in Bangalore therefore have a large spread of trainers to choose from. And are therefore able to bring in the necessary expertise and experience to the table that makes their services the best.

Organisations have also started realising the benefit that they derive from corporate training solutions. And are now ready to invest more time and effort in them. They understand how training benefits not only their employees, but also their organisation on the whole. And that its only well-developed employees that can give rise to a profitable organisation.

Why Corporate Training Programs from The Yellow Spot?

A key feature of The Yellow Spot’s training programs is their thorough pre-work and customization. They understand how important each of these is for creating a tailor-made program for each of their clients. Therefore, they go about the same in a methodical and focussed manner.

We all know how important conducting a Training Need Identification prior to every corporate training program is. It helps us in identifying the participants’ learning needs in order to create an intervention that is relatable and caters to their true need. The pre-work conducted by The Yellow Spot for identifying the same, is therefore thorough and detailed. And they make it a point to interact with the HR, Business Stakeholders, Sample Participants and even Customers at times for the same. Understanding the business dynamics in depth is prime for them and also helps them in further customising the program.

Their corporate training programs are therefore business specific; with examples, case studies, role plays and debriefs being relevant to the business context. They focus on learning by doing and use participant centric methodologies like simulations, role plays, case studies, activities, games, puzzles etc. These take participants through different experiences and help them gain new awareness in every program.

Corporate Training Programs

Sales Training Program

Becoming confident sales professionals who understand the customer and their pain points well. Committing to providing them with the most valuable solutions for establishing a trust based and long-lasting relationship.

Communication Skills Training

Overcoming internal barriers, enhancing our listening & questioning skills, improving our body language & voice, being more assertive & handling difficult conversations. Enhancing our face-to-face, e-mail, telephone & meeting etiquette.

Team Building Training

Bonding with each other to improve interconnectedness and cohesiveness within and between teams and departments. Collectively achieving challenging goals through support, encouragement and increased trust levels.

Leadership Skills Training

Imbibing the skills required to be a great leader for leading and managing teams effectively. Influencing and motivating team members to achieve higher goals while keeping the larger picture in mind.

Train The Trainer Program

Developing budding trainers by enhancing their capability to provide end-to-end training solutions. Effective identification & analyses of training needs, design & development of training content, delivery & evaluation of training.

Personality Development Training

Understanding components of our inner and outer personality. Using tools and techniques for enhancing our personality by working on our beliefs, thought processes, fears, emotions, behaviour, grooming, etc.

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