Although good leadership is the need of the hour in every organisation, it’s also an area that is the biggest gap in most. And that’s why leadership development training programs form an extremely important part of our offerings.

In recent times, leadership is in the spotlight with an ever-increasing demand from:

  • Markets, as economies change and global business dynamics shift
  • Investors, with challenges mounting and competition growing
  • Workforce, that expects inspiration and guidance
  • Community, looking for responsible and accountable actions and governance

The current business context therefore demands leaders with a blend of leadership skills and qualities that can cater to the needs of all these sections of people. In addition to technical capabilities; being agile to changing dynamics, strategic thinking, achievement orientation, sensitivity to diversity, building strong partnerships and mastery over the self are at the heart of leadership success.

We, at The Yellow Spot understand this well; making us one of the leading leadership development training companies in India. We ensure we give leaders a holistic view by addressing leadership development on all the three levels – task, relationship and the self. This helps leaders deliver results and create strong relationships while constantly keeping a focus on their own actions.

Our leadership solutions are focussed on skill building and creating productive mindset-shifts. These can be in the form of short-term interventions or a series of managerial/leadership development programs drawn over a longer duration. While our leadership skills trainings encourage group learning with individual reflection, leaders can also avail of focused individual support through one-on-one coaching conversations.

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We know how it feels when you first enter a managerial role. You are a little nervous because of the enhanced responsibilities. You now no longer have to look after your own tasks but also have to ensure that your team is happy and completing their tasks on time. Effective management is all about discipline in completing assigned tasks. And good managers ensure they maximise talent and resources to raise profits and morale. Mapping responsibilities and providing support through clear communication form crucial elements for achieving organizational targets.

Our First Time Manager Induction or Managerial Skills Training shows managers how to increase the achievements of their team. It also helps them in understanding the key attributes of an effective manager and identifying their own areas for improvement for successful implementation at the workplace.

Managerial Skills Training
Leadership skills Training



Authentic leaders are the ones who continuously strive to better themselves, their teams and organisation. They use their strengths to work upon their areas of development and take keen interest in the development of others. Such leaders are grounded firmly and are in touch with their values, beliefs and emotions. They are solution oriented and focus on actions and behaviours that take their organisation forward.

Join our Leadership Skills Training to help you align yourself and in turn your people towards the common goal. This training will help you imbibe various skills possessed and used by successful across the globe. It will also help you empower your team to achieve their goals by serving their customers with excellence.

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Supervisors have to strike a good balance between the task at hand and relationships with their superiors, team and customers. Having being executioners themselves, they often fall into the trap of getting their own hands dirty rather than ensuring their team members execute the work. This can lead to frustration for them and reduced growth opportunities for them and their team members.

They therefore need to clearly understand the change in their role, adhere to the required mindset and invest time in developing their leadership skills. Overseeing the execution of work, monitoring and reviewing progress, managing processes and resources, understanding and motivating their team to meet organisational goals is prime for them. Our Supervisory Skills Training therefore explores the various needs of present-day supervisors and equips them with the skills required for effective performance. It is designed for line managers, supervisors and team leaders.

Supervisory Skills training
Coaching and Mentoring Skills Training



For every organization, it’s essential that their managers and leaders have good coaching and mentoring skills. While mentoring helps guide team members on their career journeys, coaching helps them address the gaps in their performance and challenges they may be facing in fulfilling their goals.

Coaching and Mentoring are therefore effective performance management and talent development tools. For leaders and managers, effective coaching and mentoring skills can enhance their team’s performance and morale which in turn greatly increases success.

Our Coaching and Mentoring Skills Training equips participants to develop people’s potential. It teaches participants the framework they can use to give their coaching conversations a structure and direction. It also helps them understand and practise the skills required for being successful coaches.



Managing the performance of their team is extremely important for every manager or leader. However, it’s an area that tends to get the least attention due to increased workloads and paucity of time. These make it difficult to create the time and space for having crucial performance conversations with team members.

As some of you may be aware, managing performance entails a large number of activities spread over the course of each year. It starts from setting goals and objectives, reviewing performance and progress, training & coaching and giving feedback. These activities help managers spend valuable time with their team members, ensuring they are on track and addressing challenges they may be facing on the way. Such conversations not only give guidance to team members, but also create a strong and trusting relationship between a manager and his team apart from developing their leadership skills.

Therefore, if you would like to understand how you can help your team improve their performance and go to the next level you can opt for our Managing Performance trainings. We can help you help them identify and overcome the roadblocks in achieving their true potential.

Managing Performance
Goal Setting Training



We all have goals in our personal and professional lives. In fact, goals are what give our lives direction and motivation. Yet most of us manage to complete very few of our goals. The others are just left as dreams. So, what stops us from achieving all we want? What comes in the way of our success?

The lack of goal setting. Whether you have small dreams or lofty expectations, goal setting allows you to plan how you want to move through life to achieve them. It helps you create clear and specific goals which are stretched yet challenging to achieve. Detailed action steps are created which give you direction and help you measure your progress over time. Goals are evaluated well, and a competitive timeline is set to achieve them. And to top it up, our Goal Setting trainings also help you identify restricting thoughts and emotions that may be stopping you from achieving your goals. So, you can then go back to your teams and help them set and achieve their organisational goals.



Having great team management skills is one of the most essential yet challenging aspects of being a manager. Every team member is unique and different in personality, thought processes and experience. While this diversity can bring a lot to the table, it can also jeopardise interpersonal communication, trust and eventually relationships.

Its therefore important that a Manager understands the nuances of handling his team well. He needs to bring them together, keep them together and ensure that they continue to perform optimally together. Our Team Management Training therefore has tools and concepts that can add value to your leadership development training by helping you create and sustain a strong and cohesive team. A team with members who are there for each other and are ready to give all that they have to achieve their goals together.

Team Management Skills Training
Strategic Thinking Training



Simply put, Strategic Thinking is the ability to see the larger picture and connect the dots to help an organization prosper by going beyond daily transactions.

What is it that strategic thinkers have, that the others don’t? The right mindset, zeal to achieve the unimaginable, confidence to ask tough questions and urge to constantly evolve. They are always curious and look at information from different viewpoints, bringing in newness and improving on the old. Different possibilities, approaches and potential outcomes fuel them and help them take their organization to the next level.

Join our Strategic Thinking Training to create a brighter future for you and your organisation.



If you work all by yourself, there’s only a limited amount of work that you will be able do, no matter how hard you work. The truth is, we all have only 24 hours in a day and To-Do lists that seem to be growing at an extremely alarming rate! Even if we were superheroes, we would need support and assistance to complete all our tasks. And that’s why delegation training forms such an essential part of our leadership development trainings cluster.

Delegation is the art of taking help for managing our projects and daily tasks better. People who are good at delegating are great at balancing their workloads, building on their strengths and developing others. Delegation training helps us look into why we refrain from delegating our tasks and how it can help us and our team in performing more effectively. It also helps us in understanding the right way to delegate tasks to our team members; keeping in mind their strengths and appetite to learn.

Delegation Training



Professional Development Training



Assessment Centres are typically used in selecting competent candidates for promotional purposes and in succession planning. Some companies also choose to deploy these for selecting suitable candidates for senior positions while recruiting.

A Development Centre on the other hand, is focused on assessing the participants competencies for developmental purposes. Such assessments are typically succeeded by various training and coaching activities for developing the candidates thereafter, thus contributing to organisational development.

We, at The Yellow Spot; can design assessment centres for you, deploying a battery of exercises and activities for assessing your employee’s talent. We can also create a development centre for you and further equip employees with the tools required to meet the challenges of their current or next role successfully.

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