Personal Development in simple words means development of oneself. An individual can develop in various areas like their health, and fitness, mental and emotional stability, career, behavior and actions, language skills, finance, technical capabilities etc.

The core message of Personal Development is about enhancing ones capability over trying to change the world around. The focus is more inwards rather than outwards. At times, this is the most difficult journey and also the most rewarding one . It is a life long practice which one has to imbibe and the competition is with oneself rather than others.

Recognizing personal development as the core from where all change begins, The Yellow Spot team has carefully chosen some of the topics which can help one excel personally as well as professionally. Each of these topics will be carefully customized based on your and your company’s  needs.

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Personal effectiveness is about communicating better, managing multiple things at the same time, completing work without getting stressed, etc.

Simply put, it’s about managing yourself well. And what governs whether you will be personally effective or not the most, is an underlying factor called ‘Attitude.’

While some people are born with a positive attitude, others can learn how to cultivate it. Our Personal Skills trainings therefore help you explore how you can imbibe a positive attitude and use it to be effective in other areas of your life.

Personal/Interpersonal Skills Training
Personality Development Training



Diving deep down into our minds is at the core of our Personality Development trainings, one of our most important personal development trainings. These help us in taking a closer look at who we are and understanding why we behave the way we do.

Personality development training workshops put a spotlight on what goes on in our minds; the good and not so good. They also help us in understanding how these affect our inner and outer worlds. They further help in creating a shift in our perspective and changing the lens with which we view ourselves and the world around us.

This transforms our inner landscape, in turn giving our outer world a whole new colour! Our intra and interpersonal relationships become deeper and better. And we now start connecting with ourselves and others at a whole new level.

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It has been said that ‘Time is Money.’ In fact, we believe that time is much more valuable than money. Unlike money, we can’t get lost time back and neither can we ask others for more. Its therefore important we make the most of it and get time to spend it on what’s truly valuable to us.

So, join us in understanding how we can manage our time better and grow rich in this scarce resource in our Time Management workshops. Let’s together explore the factors that rob us off our time and take appropriate measures to overcome them. Ensuring good Planning, Prioritising, Delegation and Assertiveness are at the top of our To-Do list. What about you?

Time Management Training & Workshops
Stress Management Training



Is stress really bad or is it our reaction to stress that makes it feel good or bad? If you came to know that stress is actually an indicator that something is wrong with the way our lives are going and we need to correct it, will you still find it so bad?

Learning about stress and how to handle it is a subject that has inspired us for a long time. Having faced many stresses in our own lives, we have been constantly trying to find ways to tackle it. And our Stress Management trainings look at some of the ways that we have successfully used in alleviating our own stress and eventually improving our personal and interpersonal development.

So, come join us in learning more about stress and its signs. Let’s learn and practice various tools and techniques so that you may have a stress-free life, one that every human being deserves!



When something belongs to you, don’t you go all out to give it all you have? Whether that’s an object, a living being or even a dream; what don’t we do to protect and nurture it! In fact, our entire way of looking at it changes.

The same happens when an employee starts feeling a sense of ownership towards his organisation. And its only then that he puts in the effort that he needs to, to keep his organisation healthy and functioning well. When he feels a sense of ownership towards his organisation, he starts taking on challenges and ensuring that tasks get completed. He also takes responsibility of errors & lapses and takes steps to ensure things come back on track.

So, give your employees a sense of Ownership and Accountability and unleash the intrapreneurial power in them by attending our Ownership and Accountability training. Let them make their job their baby and see the remarkable result it can create, on a personal and interpersonal level.

Emotional Intelligence Training



Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to perceive emotions; access and generate emotions to assist thought; understand emotions and emotional knowledge; and reflectively regulate emotions to promote emotional and intellectual growth. Confused? How about if we say that Emotional Intelligence is the ability of an individual to successfully understand and manage his own emotions as well as those of others. Better?

This is precisely what we do in our Emotional Intelligence Training. We break down the complicated world of emotions into simple components that are easy to understand and manage. The thoughts and emotions that make you and others behave in certain ways are looked deeper into. We also provide you with some great tools to help you get aware of, accept and process your emotions successfully.

And how does this help? It reduces your reactions to situations & people and gives you the power to choose how you want to respond. You become more positive in life and empathetic towards others. And this greatly improves the quality of your interpersonal relationships and overall success in life. This also happens to be one of our most favourite trainings in our personal and interpersonal skills training cluster.

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