Every organism is an entire system in itself. It comprises of various organs which play a specific role in its functioning, sustenance and growth. Similarly, every organisation consists of various functions that each play a specific role in the organization’s development. For example, the accounts and finance function manages the flow of funds and finances. The sales function promotes and sells what the organization produces. And the training function focuses on enhancing the soft skills, behavioural skills and functional competencies of employees.

Just as an organism can get impacted by a dysfunctionality in one organ, departments functioning below optimal levels can affect the entire organisation as a whole. So, if a customer service department does not show warmth and empathy while offering services; it impacts future sales. And this directly impacts the profitability of the organization as a whole.

Understanding this important role functions play within an organization; The Yellow Spot’s Functional Development training help employees enhance their functional competencies. They help employees in focusing on and upgrading the skills which are specific to their core function. And that’s when that function starts truly contributing to the larger system.

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Do you ever feel that the sessions you conduct lack the zing and vigour required to keep the audience engrossed and engaged? Do you ever wish that you knew how to handle the various types of participants that come to your sessions better? Come join us in what we do best, train!

Our Train the Trainer workshop will take you through the entire training cycle and give you insights and practical experience in each step. We help you understand how to first conduct the training need identification and analysis to identify and understand the challenges being faced. Then comes designing content, that’s relevant for your audience and addresses the issue at hand. Post that, we help you deliver an energy filled session which has lots of participation and keeps your audience engaged. We end with making you understand how to track the effectiveness of the session and improve your training results.

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Train The Trainer Program
Sales Training



The growth and profitability of most organizations depends on the effectiveness of their sales teams. The sales teams act as ambassadors of the organization in the marketplace and are instrumental in creating its first impression. It therefore becomes imperative to hone the selling skills of these professionals and provide the organization the maximum sales advantage.

To do this, however, it’s essential that one knows the desired functional competencies of a Sales Professional in today’s time. Gone are the days when sales was just about knowing your product, dressing well and looking confident. No doubt these still play an important role today as well, but there’s a lot more expected from a Sales Professional nowadays. Today, rather than offering customers their products or services, they first need to understand the needs and pain areas of their customers. Post that they can offer them appropriate solutions.

We therefore invite you to attend our Sales Effectiveness Training which explore the required psychology of the sales professional as well as that of today’s customer. It will equip your sales team with the hard and soft skills required to bring them success.

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The health of any organisation depends on positioning the right person at the right place and at the right time. In today’s complex world, the selection process is difficult & demanding. One incorrect selection can lead to a substantial loss of productivity, revenue and profits for the organization. This makes interviewing; the tool commonly used for employee selection, all the more important.

Our Interviewing Skills Training therefore focuses on various aspects of Interviewing. It starts by understanding what is important in pre-interview preparation, a crucial step missed out by most interviewers. It then helps participants understand how to develop questions based on required competencies that extract value. This is followed by practising the interviewing techniques to draw out specific, behaviour-based examples of past performance which are indicative of an interviewee’s future success in a particular domain.

Interviewing Skills Training
Negotiation Skills Training



Many sales professionals are very good at selling but often get stuck during the last stage, negotiation. While some land up giving too much just to reach a closure, others refuse to come down to the level of the customer and often lose the sale.

So, why does this happen? And how can we work around it to ensure we sell well and negotiate well?

By attending our Negotiation Skills Training. This training gives you insights into your negotiation style and ways to enhance the same. It teaches you various negotiation techniques that can help you reach a win-win in any negotiation scenario. Commonly used negotiation tactics are also explored and discussed to ensure you know how to successfully tackle customers that may attempt to try these on you!



Research shows that it costs you five times as much to win a new customer than to keep a current one. This means that you must put in every effort to keep your old customers with you. And how can you do this?

Is delivering your product enough or is there something required beyond that? Are you providing your customers a unique experience?  Do you take the time out to understand your customers’ needs and expectations and exceed them every time? Are you looking at your external customers as your only customers or do you also believe that you have some other customers who are equally important? What else can you do for further developing one of the most important functional competencies?

To gain insights on these questions and many more, join us in our power packed Customer Service Training. Learn how to take your service from satisfaction to delight and ensure that every customer leaves you with a smile.

Customer Service Training
Creative Thinking Training



Everyone is creative, but how many of us really think so?

Often our creativity gets extinguished like a fire in a rainstorm and then becomes difficult to reignite! Beliefs like we aren’t creative, we don’t have time to be creative, we don’t need to be creative or our organisation doesn’t accept creativity can pose as huge barriers to creativity. And its these very barriers that need to be first worked on to unleash our latent talent. However, these are often hidden from our view and hence difficult to identify and work upon.

And that’s where our Creativity & Innovative Thinking Training comes in. This workshop first helps you identify and accept the thought processes that are creating creativity barriers for you. It then takes you through some exciting exercises that are sure to light that creative fire in you!



Problems are a part and parcel of life. In today’s competitive environment, employees at all levels are exposed to situations where they need to solve problems and take decisions of varying degrees. And with the number of options available nowadays, this can be a rather difficult task! This makes problem solving and decision making one of the most sought after functional competencies for a number of organisational functions!

Our Problem Solving and Decision Making Training is therefore highly recommended for employees from various departments. This training focuses on developing competencies for effective problem analysis and evaluation. It includes identification of the problem and finding its root causes using scientific tools and techniques. Participants learn how to generate and sort a large number of possible solutions. They also understand how to evaluate these solutions in order to take appropriate decisions for solving the problem at hand.

Problem Solving and Decision Making Training

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Problem Solving and Decision Making

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