Looking for more than just a one-off training program or short intervention? We have some corporate training services and solutions that can give you the edge and develop your people faster and better. Scroll down to get an overview of these services and let us know which ones can help you accelerate your growth and development.

(I) Our Training Packages

Training Packages

We also offer Customisable Training Packages which provide employees holistic training opportunities. These packages are customised to cater to employee needs, include support touch points at regular intervals and are spread over a longer duration.

They also include Pre and Post Training Assessments, Individual and Group Coaching Sessions and Action Planning Projects.


(II) Our Signature Program

We have come up with our Signature Program ‘The Rising Sun,’ a Self-Mastery Program which organisations can now conduct for their employees for their personal development. This is a valuable add-on to our corporate training services.

This program helps employees actualise their potential and achieve their goals faster. It is therefore a program that can take your employees to the next level and in turn help your organisation conquer greater heights.


Our Signature Program - The Rising Sun


(III) Coaching

We are now also offering Coaching services to corporates. These services help us provide our clients with the personal attention that they require for achieving personal and professional success.

This approach takes employee performances and relationships to the next level by offering insights, tools and techniques. These may be in the form of popular training tools, counseling or by creating awareness, etc.

Coaching helps employees fulfil clearly defined goals for sailing their way into a bright future.


Coaching Corporate Services


(IV) Our Additional Services

Training Need Identification & Analysis

Finding out the true learning and development needs of our employees before opting for corporate training solutions is essential. Yet, sometimes, it can be difficult and time-consuming. Having expertise in this field, we do this fact-finding for organisations and present them with the findings and recommendations.

Content Development

Many organisations have their team of Inhouse trainers. While many of them are experts in delivering, content development can be a challenge for them. We therefore offer content development services, where we develop enriching content for them that they can then deliver successfully.

Individual Development Plan

Many of us know what our goals are in life. But how many are clear on where we want to reach in our organisation. We therefore offer Individual Development Plan interventions, where we help employees chart out a plan for their progress within their organization and can further help them achieve it.

On the Job Training

Classroom training can product some wonderful results. However, it has one limitation. It’s conducted in an environment that’s not our actual work environment. We therefore offer On the Job Trainings, where we help employees improve their performance while actually doing their job.

Product and Process Training

Knowing about your company’s products and processes is essential. However, training multiple batches on the same can be time and energy consuming. Hence, we offer Product and Process Training services, where you train us to teach your people details about what you offer your clients.

Human Resource Consulting

Human Resource functions perform various activities that require specialized knowledge. That's why we provide HR Consulting services that look into the needs of your HR domain. With our expertise, we can manage your HR Consulting needs so that you can also focus on other essential business activities.