The Evolution of Sales Training Programs to Modern Sales Training

Selling skills and strategies have changed drastically over the last 50 years. And this change can be attributed to technological advancements like artificial intelligence, digital marketing, increasing social media influence, easy availability of information over the internet, etc. This has opened up the market tremendously and increased the accessibility of products and services to customers.

Buyer preferences have also changed with time and have gone beyond being just price centred. Customers now want technology driven quick and easy solutions. They are looking for innovative ideas and the best service to go with it. And with the large numbers of options available nowadays, they are quite comfortable changing brands if they need to! Organisations can therefore no longer be laid back or rest on past laurels. They need to change with the changing times and must adapt to incorporate these changes in technology and buyer preferences. Selling strategies and methodologies must be reviewed on a timely basis and appropriate changes need to be made. The selling skills of sales teams also need to be sharpened and hence attending sales training programs regularly is essential.

Sales training programs have also come a long way. With learner preferences changing over time, corporate training programs have had to modify the way they teach sales to their participants. A major change that has taken place is in the training methodology. Nowadays, sales training programs are more experiential in nature. They take participants through the sales cycle and give them an understanding of the nuances involved through experiential learning techniques. This makes it easier for participants to relate to the learning and apply it back on the job.

Customised / Industry Specific Sales Training Program

Sales Training

Sales Training Programs are customised to help participants use their learning in their specific Industry. It helps them by:

  • Making them aware of the role their organisation needs them to play
  • Identifying specific behaviours that are working well for them and those that need to be improved
  • Learning successful selling tools and techniques that can be used by the participants on the field
  • Identifying challenges in their communication skills and business etiquette and improving the same
  • Testing their learning and customising it to suit their industry
  • Designing individual action plans for giving them direction back on the job


Sales Training Programs at The Yellow Spot

Our Sales Training program comprise of following 3 stages:


Focus on Self

Identifying and working on one’s strengths and weaknesses as a sales professional. Increasing resilience for staying positive and motivated even in the face of rejection.

Learning New Tools and Skills

Augmenting ones’ current skill set with new sales tools and techniques. Taking a fresh look at the needs of our customers and exploring how we can use our products and services to fulfil them.


Practicing the concepts and tools learned and customising them to fit individual needs. Experimenting and refining one’s learning for application in the marketplace.

Why Sales Training Program from The Yellow Spot?

The Yellow Spot Sales Training Program focuses on the importance of the ‘human touch’ in Sales. With machines and automated messages fast taking the place of humans, buyers are constantly on the lookout for a more ‘human experience.’ They want someone who can converse with them, empathise with them and understand their needs. And this, we believe, makes the human touch a differentiator and a skill that needs to be acquired by every sales professional.
We also strongly believe in customisation. And that’s why we ensure our Sales Training programs are customised to our participant’s and their organisation’s need. We also make it a point to provide participants with a platform to experiment with creating their own strategies and ways of selling, during the course of the program. This helps them in dwelling deeper into various tools and techniques for further customisation and relevancy. In short, we ensure we make our participants self-reliant and self-sufficient.

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