Communication skills training has become more essential than ever before. With the world becoming a smaller place, communication is no longer restricted to the people around us. We now have to communicate with those even at the other end of the globe and that too effectively! Also, with the ever-increasing number of mediums for communication, understanding how to communicate effectively using each of these has become ever so important. That’s why communication skills training is becoming a norm and why so many communication training is being held the world over in every organisation.

What is Communication Skills Training?

Communication is simply the transfer of information from one person to another across a medium. Sounds simple doesn’t it. However when you start doing it, you realise how difficult it really is! There are a number of factors that come into play which can impede it and render it ineffective. Communication Skills Training sessions make you aware of these factors and how you can go beyond them. They focus not just on what the sender and receiver have to do to make their communication effective, but also on how to manage the medium they are using well.

In today’s fast advancing world, technology is constantly providing newer and newer ways of communicating with those around us. While we started of with the telephone and post; we have now moved on to e-mail, cell phones, video conferencing, webcasts, the Skypes and Whatsapps and other social media, etc. Understanding which medium to use in which situation and how to use it effectively is becoming an art in itself and is the need of the hour as seen in most communication skills workshops.

Individual level

Better Relationships, reduced Stress and Conflict levels, better Decision Making and Problem Solving, greater Creativity, better Time Management, better Morale, etc.

Team Level

Greater Team Bonding and Cohesiveness, smoother Achievement of Goals, better Management of Teams, more Openness towards Feedback, improved Team Spirit and Motivation, etc.

Organisational Level

Enhanced Productivity, more openness to Change, improved Customer Satisfaction levels, better Culture, lesser Attrition, improved Employee Retention levels, etc.

Who can leverage Communication Skills Training?

Anybody and everybody. Communication is something that is common to all of us no matter what level we may be at and in which department. Sometimes we get to be the sender and at others, the receiver. Knowing the loopholes for each is beneficial for each of us and is important for our success.  Some of sessions that we cover under the Communication Skills Training domain that can be useful for everyone are:

  • Skillful Conversations
  • Presentation Skills
  • Assertive Communication
  • Business Etiquette
  • E-Mail Etiquette
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • English Language
  • Conducting Effective Meetings
  • Improving Communication using Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Improving Communication using Transactional Analysis

Why Communication Skills Training from TYS?

Communication Skills Training has evolved and has gone beyond teaching participants listening and questioning activities. Not to say that we are great in either of these two areas, especially listening! But there are a number of other underlying factors that also that affect our communication and can make it difficult to change our behaviours if not dealt with. We at TYS make it a point to focus on these factors:

  • Going Beyond Words – Researchers have now realised that body language and our voice makes up approximately 93% of our face to face communication. So no matter what you say or are unable to say in words, the meaning is picked up by the receiver through your body language and voice. We therefore make it a point to make participants aware of both of these in our communication skills training. They are made to focus on improving this 93% to bring about a greater change in behaviour.
  • Being Assertive – We all have different personalities which give rise to different behaviours. Some of us are loud and direct and tend to get aggressive while communicating. Others stay quiet and are unable to say what they intend to, leaning towards passivity.  What we really need is to be assertive. This is therefore another aspect that we lay stress on during our communication skills trainings. We make participants aware of their style and help them connect to the feelings that are stopping them from being assertive. We therefore help them in not only improving what they say, but also look into how they are saying it.
  • Managing Conflict – Conflict is one of those things that can really mess up any communication! People react to it in different ways, commonly retracting from adding to the pool of information. In our communication training, we ensure that we cover a very effective difficult conversations model, one that we have been using for years ourselves. Participants are taught how to handle various stressful conversations. They practice handling situations right from being able to talk to their seniors about their appraisal to resolving fights with their spouse on where they should go for their next holiday!
  • Self Communication – A topic that is rarely covered in any communication skills training, but one that we feel is the most important. In fact, if you get this one right all the other’s will automatically fall in place!

Most of us are our own best critic and often hold the belief that scolding oneself is required for progress. However, our experience has proved otherwise. This has made us realise the importance of improving our self-talk. It’s after all the most effective way to get to the heart of a communication problem and solve the issue from the root! Apart from communication skills trainings; our Personality Development, stress management and personal effectiveness sessions explore these aspects in greater detail.

So what is that we do best? Provide your participants a safe space to explore the parts of them that may be stopping them from giving their best while communicating. We also give them tools and techniques to go beyond what’s stopping them and help them practise the newly learned behaviours.  

Understanding our mind and the tricks that it can play that hamper communication are extremely important. We make it a point to disclose it’s secrets in our Communication Skills Trainings! That could be exploring functions like the deletion, distortion and generalisation functions on one hand that can make us receive something quite different from what was sent. And on the other hand exploring perceptions and pre-conceived notions which are a major cause of poor listening skills apart from a lack openness.

Who Loved Our Communication Skills Training Sessions?

Advanced Communication Skills Training

Managing Difficult Conversations

Effective Communication Skills Training

Are you ready to get a Communication Skills makeover?

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