Communication skills training is by far one of the most popular and essential trainings in today’s time. We are constantly interacting with different people at different points in time. Our Superiors, Colleagues, Subordinates, Vendors, Clients at work and Friends, Society and Family while at home. And mind you, these interactions are no longer restricted to face to face meetings like in the earlier days! With fast growing technology and connectivity gaining new heights, any end of the globe can be reached at the tap of a finger!

With the ever-increasing number of mediums available for communication, understanding how to communicate effectively using each of these has become crucial. And that’s why communication skills training is becoming a norm nowadays and the reason why so many communication trainings are being held the world over in every organisation.

What is Communication Skills Training?

Communication is simply the transfer of information from one person to another across a medium. Sounds simple doesn’t it. However, when you start doing it, you realise how difficult it really is! There are a number of factors that come into play which can impede it and render it ineffective. Communication Skills Training sessions make you aware of these factors and how you can go beyond them. They focus on how the sender and receiver can contribute to make their communication effective and also how they can manage the medium they are using well.

Today’s fast advancing world has gone beyond the telephone and post. We have now moved on to e-mail, cell phones, video conferencing, webcasts, the Skypes and Whatsapps and other social media, etc. Understanding which medium to use in which situation and how to use it effectively is becoming an art in itself. It is also the need of the hour as seen in most communication skills workshops.

What are the benefits of Communication Skills Training?

Employee Level

Improved Interpersonal Relationships, Conflict Management, Stress Management, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Time Management, Morale, etc.

Team Level

Greater Team Management, Team Bonding, Cohesiveness, Team Spirit, Motivation, Openness towards Feedback, Achievement of Goals, etc.

Organisational Level

Enhanced Productivity, Openness to Change, Sales, Customer Satisfaction, Culture, Employee Retention, etc.

Who can leverage Communication Skills Training?

Anybody and everybody. Communication is common to all of us no matter what level we may be at and in which department. And while sometimes we send the communication, at others we are the recipients. Being aware of the loopholes at every stage is therefore beneficial for each one of us and is important for our success. Some of the sessions that we cover under the Communication Skills Training domain that are useful are:

  • Skillful Conversations
  • Presentation Skills
  • Assertive Communication
  • Business / Email / Telephone / Face to Face Etiquette
  • English Language
  • Conducting Effective Meetings
  • Improving Communication using Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Improving Communication using Transactional Analysis
Learning how to communicate through communication skills training

Why Communication Skills Training from The Yellow Spot?

Communication Skills Training has evolved over the years. It has now gone beyond taking participants through just listening and questioning activities. Although frankly with cell phones ruling our lives nowadays, these have become a major need again. Especially listening! But there are a number of other underlying factors that also affect our communication and can make it difficult to change our behaviours if not dealt with. We, at The Yellow Spot, make it a point to focus on these factors through our corporate training programs:


  • Going Beyond Words – Research shows that our body language and voice together make up approximately 93% of our face to face communication versus 7% from words. So, irrespective of the words we use, meanings are picked up by the recipient through our body language and voice. We therefore make it a point to also focus on improving these two aspects in our communication skills trainings. This helps bring about a greater improvement in the overall communication.
  • Being Assertive – Different personalities behave differently. Some are loud & direct and tend to get aggressive while communicating. Others stay quiet and are unable to say what they intend to, leaning towards passivity. To be effective, we need to be assertive. Our communication skills trainings therefore help participants get aware of their current style and learn tools that can help them become more assertive.
Managing Conflict through Communication Skills Training
  • Managing Conflict –Conflict can ruin communication. Which makes it important to manage it well. We therefore make it a point to cover a very effective difficult conversations model in our communication trainings. It gives participants a framework to manage various stressful conversations, from intimidating appraisal reviews at work to disputes with their spouse at home!
  • Self Communication – A topic that is rarely covered in any communication skills training, but one that we feel is the most important and at the heart of every communication issue.

Most of us are our own best critic and indulge in a lot of negative self-talk. This affects our self-esteem and in turn our communication and behaviour. Our communication skills trainings therefore focus on addressing these patterns and providing participants with tools and techniques to go beyond them. They also explain how our minds tend to create difficulties in communication and how we can manage these to make our communication more effective.

Who Loved Our Communication Skills Training Sessions?

Advanced Communication Skills Training

Managing Difficult Conversations

Effective Communication Skills Training

Are you ready to get a Communication Skills makeover?

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