Have you had your food today? Do you have a safe place to stay? Does someone take care of you?

What about your neighbourhood dog and the other stray animals around the world.

Have you ever wondered if they are healthy or if they feel safe around us?

“If animals spoke, humanity would cry."

― Manuj Rajput


Friends of Paws Foundation (FOPF), our CSR initiative, is an 80G/12A certified non-profit animal welfare organization. It was started by our founder, Mr. Ambrish Pandya and his friend, Mr. Gaurav Chaddah in the year 2018.  The organization has been created with the purpose of creating a safe, healthy and loving world for all animals and the people who adore them! And to be a member, the only qualification you need is to be an animal lover. And one that is ready to extend an arm and support in whatever way you can. Our dedicated team of volunteers feed around 200 animals on a daily basis and provide regular onboard care for about 1000 animals every month. This is your chance to be a part of the movement!

What We Do




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How You Can Help


If you want a pet, why not adopt someone in need? Give them the fun, loving and warm home they have always dreamed about! All they need is your love and care. Every animal has a story. Be their Happy Ending!


We are always on the look out for animal enthusiasts who are willing to help us take care of our animal friends by feeding them, providing a foster, etc. Reach out to us to start your volunteering journey  - 9769733305 (Ambrish Pandya).


Every penny donated by you can help save a furry friend. So go ahead and contribute whatever you can. Help us create a world where every animal gets a chance at leading a happy and healthy life.Please note, we are an 80G and 12A certified organisation. All donations will therefore receive an Income Tax rebate.Donate at GPay on +91 9769733305 (Ambrish Pandya) or through our UPI ID friendsofpawsfoundation@okhdfcbank


Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get the latest updates about our efforts. We share reels and photos of animals in need and those we have saved. We also spread awareness about stray safety and care so that you can also do your bit the next time you encounter a sick animal on the road.Help us reach out to a larger audience by sharing our content. Assist us in getting help faster. Spread the knowledge. Spread the love.

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