The extent and pace of change in technology, competition and market dynamics has created a new reality that organizations must meet. Just having good products, processes, technology or finance at hand is inadequate to meet today’s challenges. And the sooner organisations realise this, the easier it will be for them to sustain in this ever-changing environment.  To have organisational effectiveness, organisational development is a must. Organisations now therefore need to continuously evolve and transform themselves. And to do so, they must leverage on their most valuable asset, their people. After all, its people who are at the heart of every organization’s success.

Aligning employee attitudes and behaviours with continuously changing organization contexts and goals often requires a deeper shift. And the most effective way to achieve this shift is through deliberate organisational development (OD) and effectiveness initiatives. These interventions can be focused on anything from reforming organizational culture to creating an effective leadership succession pipeline.

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Who doesn’t want to learn while having fun together! And that’s exactly what our Team Building Workshops give you a chance to do. They provide teams the opportunity to learn effectively by taking them through various ‘experiences’ while having plenty of fun.

Our Team Building Training Workshops provide teams with a platform for enhancing cohesiveness, resulting in overall effectiveness and organisational development. They are all about bonding with team members, improving interpersonal skills, motivating teams and enhancing team spirit. They also give team members the opportunity to test their leadership skills, step out of their comfort zone, push themselves beyond their perceived capacity and bring out their creativity. Exploring strengths and areas of development; shedding inhibitions, fears & perceptions and learning more about themselves and others are also incidental benefits of our sessions! All in all, they are a great way to bring out the best in a team and take the organisation forward.

And you know the best part? Team building activities can also be integrated with corporate events and employee engagement activities. Not only do they make these more lively and energetic, but also provide teams with inspiration and insights that can help them add more value back at work. Read more…

Team Building Training
Induction training



The human mind is not very fond of the unknown. That’s why when we start something new, re-locate to a new place or even meet new people; we often feel a little lost. And it’s at that time that we wish someone or something could make us feel more comfortable.

And that’s exactly what an induction training does. It helps new joinees settle down by breaking the ice with their colleagues and getting acquainted with products, processes and the organisation on the whole. It also provides them the hard and soft skills they need to execute their tasks well.

That’s why we at The Yellow Spot, always recommend that organisations have a robust induction training. This training must equip new joinees with the knowledge, skills and abilities that they require to be successful at their job. And remember, if you feel you need help in designing such a holistic induction training apart from just delivering it, you can always count on us!





Vision, Mission and Value statements are extremely important as they provide direction to an organisation and its employees. Defining these, is therefore the first step towards organisational development and eventually organisational effectiveness.

So, what happens when these are not in place or you realize that they don’t actually say what you want them to? You land up with a bunch of people working in different directions, trying to achieve different goals which are actually based on their personal goals! And that’s why having clear vision, mission and values statements are so important for every organisation.

And to ensure that you never have to go through such a situation, we can help you in creating a vision, mission and values framework which is apt for your organisation. We can also help your employees understand what each of these mean and how they translate to daily behaviours by conducting workshops on the same. These will give your employees clarity and help them move in your desired direction.

Vision, mission and values
Change management



Change Management is an approach used to transition employees, teams and organizations from their present state to a desired future state.

In today’s fast paced world, change is undoubtedly the only constant! This makes it imperative for organisations to constantly evolve and reinvent themselves. In fact, organizations that are quick to adapt to the environment create a competitive advantage for themselves. Others get left behind. Yet, it becomes difficult for most organizations to adapt to this dynamic environment. Why? Due to the innate quality of mankind to resist change, often at the cost of organisational development and growth.

We therefore invite you to join us in understanding how to manage change effectively through our Change Management training. We will take you through the ideal change process and help you understand how you can successfully apply the same to your organisation. And if you need further help, there’s always Change Management Consulting. Here we advise you on how to step-by-step implement a specific change that is required in your organisation.



The vibe that you get when you enter a company building is an outcome of the culture of the employees working there. It’s based on the values, beliefs and principles; that teams, functions or the organisation as a whole share.

And who shapes this culture? Its largely the leaders of the organisation. Their words and actions have a huge influence on it. The way they communicate and behave; take accountability, what they put their focus on, behaviours they reward and punish, how they allocate resources, how they approach learning and development, etc. is continuously being watched and mirrored by employees as an ideal way of working.

So, join us in our Organisational Culture interventions to get aware of what the current prevailing culture is in your organisation and amongst your leadership team. And if you feel it needs a change, together we can define the desired culture and steer the organisation towards it. After all, its culture that defines how people interact with one another and their customers. And its one that can therefore make or break an organisation!

Organisational Culture
Employee Engagement



Research has found out that most of the employees utilise less than 50 percent of their actual capability at their jobs. The result; poor quality work, over staffing, errors and omissions, customer complaints, toxic culture,  constant employee turnover and eventually organizational loss and downfall.

When we talk of employee engagement (EE) lets understand what does it actually mean.  In simple words it means happy, focused, productive employees who feel like coming to work every day in the morning.Engagement activities like parties, trainings, annual events, sports events, festival celebrations do help however only temperory.

Long lasting engagement is a continuous process embedded in the culture, vision, mission and strategy of the organization and having a top down approach towards its implementation.

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