Team building training

I know the first word that comes to many of you when you hear the term team building training. It’s ‘time-pass,’ isn’t it! Yes, you do go out and have lots of fun. But if you ask me, team building training has a lot more to it than just fun. In fact, I would call it a master training. And I’ll tell you what makes me think that way.


Some of the reasons team building trainings can lead to organisational success are:


  • Well this one’s kind of obvious from the name ‘team building’ training. Team building trainings help bring teams together. How? By making team members get aware about each other’s behaviours, thought processes and even feelings at times. This makes it a lot easier to relate to each other, bond with each other and eventually form a great team that trusts one another. And we all know how having a well bonded team can do wonders for any organisation!


  • Team Building trainings are typically held in an experiential format. So even if a theory like ‘the stages of a team’ is being explained to participants, it will be either done directly in the form of an experiential activity or will be in the debrief of such an activity. Using an experiential format makes it very easy for participants to connect to what is happening and actually convert the learning into practises that they can follow back at office. They can see how they themselves behave in such ‘real’ situations and use their learning for working on their behaviours back at work. This makes implementation a lot easier.


  • The beauty of team building trainings is that they can cover a large number of objectives in one go. So, while the team is busy doing various activities, they will also have learnings that pertain to Leadership, Time Management, Strategizing, Problem Solving, etc. depending upon the activities selected. And some of these learnings can then be further connected to theories or activities to strengthen the one’s that really need work on. So, with one team building training session, you can actually touch upon many different points. This can actually save the organisation a lot of time and needless to say, money, in case they face constraints in going in for longer training interventions.


  • Another advantage that team building trainings have, is that they can be used as a means of conducting a training need analysis. The entire team comes together, and through the activities that they go through; a sense of their training needs can be made. Of course, you can’t have a very individualistic approach if you have a larger team. But you can get a sense of which direction the team needs to be taken in to make them more productive. This again is good for organisations who can’t afford a full-fledged corporate training need identification exercise, but still want more than just the Manager’s perspective or a fixed training calendar set by the HR Manager.


  • And last but not the least, the point you have been waiting for. Fun. Yes, team building trainings are a lot of fun. We enjoy them too. And what better way to show your employees that you care for them and want to join in the fun with them! It works great on the employee engagement scale😊
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