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This morning I was reading an article from a newspaper. It was about a famous personality in India who is currently on his death bed. He had gained a huge amount of popularity in his lifetime. However, now, when time was running out, he had come to realise how it was all useless. He realised that everything that he had ever worked for would be taken away from him soon. And that he should have spent more time on things that actually mattered at the end of the day. And that’s where today’s topic fits in, time management training.

Its amazing how we wait for something to go wrong in our lives to realise that we need to change our path. How we blindly follow what others are doing and never stop to actually think what we want. And the worst part about it is its like a herd mentality with everyone doing it. Which makes chances of knocking out of it even tougher. Very rarely does someone get up and stand for what really matters to them. And this is exactly what time management training moves you towards.

One of the aspects of time management training is finding out what you want in life and then ensuring you have time to fulfil it. Let me give you an example so that you understand what I mean.

I once had a participant in one of my sessions who wanted to be a singer. What was he doing instead? Working in a financial firm with nothing close to singing!

We did a goal setting exercise during the time management training that he was attending. Initially he was a little defensive and said he didn’t have time to pursue his dream. He was only working in this firm as it paid him well. But once he realised the importance of time and how its one of those resources that you really can’t get back, he was more open to exploring. He realised that if he didn’t start working on his dream from now, he might just be left with regret all his life. Yes he needed money which the firm was giving him. But that did not mean he could not pull out time to practice singing. During the exercise, he actually came up with many instances where he could practice on a daily basis like while in the washroom, while getting ready for work, while travelling, etc.  And you know what that did? It actually motivated him to do the rest of his work faster so that he could take out time to do what he loved!

We met him a few months back. And he thanked us profusely for showing him the way during the time management training that he had attended.

So my question to you is this…Are you spending time on what you love? Are you headed in the direction that matters to you at the end of the day? Ask yourself…

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