Excel training

Excel training is one of the technical trainings that I would recommend for everyone. In fact, in today’s world I don’t think you can survive without it!

Consider our case. A training company with huge amounts of data. We have been in business since the past 10.5 years and have had more than 150 clients. The number of training sessions we would have done would be far beyond that figure, as we have luckily had plenty of repeat business from most of our clients. So you can just imagine the amount of training material we have with us!

One fine day, me and my colleague decided that managing the data was getting too difficult. We had a huge pile of activities sheets, game sheets, etc. collected over the past 10 years. Some of these had their soft copies while some were stand alone. We also had multiple documents with their various versions for each of the sessions. In short, we didn’t know where to start from!

Guess what helped us sort this huge mess out? The excel training that we had taken sometime back. It helped us in sorting everything and then putting all the data in a single sheet. We added all the files to one sheet; mentioning all the outlines, proposals, presentations, activities, videos and handouts that we had for the respective session.

We also created a separate sheet which listed all the activities that we generally use in our training sessions. We added possible outcomes of each of those activities along with a description of the same. We also used the drop down box feature of excel to add which activity could be used to target which outcome. And I must say, it has made life a lot easier!

Many of the functions taught during an excel training are very useful and can really help you improve on your time management and effort. For example, consider the function feature they teach you in excel training. Ones like sum, average, etc. They are extremely useful and we use them all the time in our accounting as well as the trainer reports that we create and send to the client.

Filters are also a very useful feature. Sometimes we get huge amounts of data with multiple columns. To pull out what you exactly want can be quite a harrowing task. However, if you use the filter function, you can get it in a jiffy! Pivot tables can also prove to be a very useful function. And that’s something you must insist on learning in an excel training.

In this way excel provides a wide range of features that can make life a lot simpler not just in our professional life but also in our personal life. It can help us do what we need to quickly and with minimal effort, giving us the scope to focus on more important coaching skills training. And the best part about it is it eliminates the human error, something which can crop up multiple times when you are handling large amounts of data manually.

Three cheers for excel training😊

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