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In a job interview, we are almost always expected to be good with communication skills. But what if the interviewer himself or herself is not a great communicator? What if you feel like they themselves need to attend an interviewing skills training!

Interviewing is a very critical job. It needs focus and skills to successfully select the right person for the right job. And one of the most basic yet necessary skills in interviews are communication skills.

It is extremely important for an interviewer to be good at communication. He or she must be able to clearly state what they mean without the interviewee having to guess it! Anything less than that, can create misunderstandings or confusion for the interviewee. And the result could be either losing out on a good candidate or the organisation’s reputation going for a toss!

Asking the right questions is definitely one of the top-most entries in my list when it comes to skills that an interviewer needs to possess. And it’s using these questions that interviewers must keep the interview under control and ensure that they are getting the answers that they are looking for. Sometimes interviewers get so lost in interviews that they land up asking irrelevant questions to a candidate. And the worst part is, that it’s often just out of a need to show how smart they are! We always have smiles exchanged when we discuss this point in an interviewing skills training!

Another extremely important skill is listening. It is essential for an interviewer to be a good listener. He needs to be able to catch on to not just the words that the interviewee says; but also their intention and tone. These additional elements speak a lot about the interviewee and may tell the interviewer things that words may fail to!

Understanding non-verbal communication is also where the capability of the interviewer must lie. Not being judgemental; but carefully observing the interviewee’s body language, facial expressions and gestures also adds on greatly to his communication skills and final selection. As we know, most of our communication is not through our words but through our body language and voice. Hence being aware of these two components is extremely important.

Interviewing skills training comprises of all these communication aspects. An interview is, after all, a conversation between two or more people. Hence an interviewing skills training is incomplete without talking about communication.

But does interviewing skills training just stop at communication? Is there more to it? Does it comprise of other aspects that we have not discussed here?

Of course it does. But don’t worry about it, we will definitely discuss more on this in our future posts. So stay tuned!

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