Hello People!!! Hope you guys are doing well. I know it’s been ages since we wrote something for you. We have been super busy with back to back workshops and it’s been quite a journey!

We were doing some Personal Effectiveness Training for the front line employees of one of our clients. There were around 200 employees that were to be trained. The intervention is on its way to completion. Trust me guys, it’s been an incredible experience for us. We never imagined that a basic Personal Effectiveness training would turn into a such a ‘lifetime experience’ for these participants and for us too.

Touching Lives

Our team at The Yellow Spot always believe that every workshop we do, should help the participants in a certain way. A way that not only makes a difference in their professional lives, but even enriches their personal lives. We call it ‘touching lives’ and we truly believe in it. Not every training we do might bring change in every person’s life but even if we are able to leave a mark on the lives of a handful, our purpose is fulfilled.

We look forward to touching as many lives as we can on our journey forward. That’s something we have been doing this for the past 10 years and will continue to do so. We tried doing that in the Personal Effectiveness trainings that I mentioned earlier and we are happy to tell you that we were successful in doing so.

How is it that we are able to do this? Any training we deliver at The Yellow Spot, we make it a point to focus on ‘the self’. We believe that one cannot move further on the development path unless he/she is aware about his/herself.

Personal Effectiveness Training is majorly about Self-reflection and Self-evaluation. That is exactly what we did. We made the participants focus and reflect on their ‘Self’. This brought about great awareness, the starting point of any change. We almost had a one-to-one interaction with each of the participant and we were amazed at the way they opened up to us. They felt very comfortable sharing their individual life stories with us and in the process of doing so, some of them even broke down to tears!


Personal Effectiveness Training for Touching Lives

Touching Lives


We have always loved our job, but when we get to touch real people with real problems and get the opportunity to create a difference in someone’s life, our happiness knows no bounds!

Personal Effectiveness Training really can bring out some beautiful results. You only need to gently touch the right spot with compassion and kindness. Now that is not easy but it is definitely possible, just as we did at these workshops.

When any of us commit to any assignment, we emotionally, mentally and physically devote ourselves to it for bringing out the best possible outcomes for both – the client and the individual participants. That is possibly what makes us different and something we are very much proud of.

In this world where we moving towards complete digitalization, one can rarely find the human-touch in things. If you are looking for a partner who can help you and your people in touching their inner core, let us know. We have made some great relationships with our clients on our journey so far and look forward to add on many more.

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