Every organism is born, grows, develops and then perishes during its life journey. Each organism is an entire system in itself and comprises of various body parts and organs which play a specific role in the functioning of the organism and in maintaining homeostasis.

Similarly every organisation consists of various functions that play a decisive and specific role in the organization’s development. For example, the accounts and finance function plays the role of managing the flow of funds and finances, while the sales function promotes and sells what the organization produces.

Just as an organism can get impacted by the dysfunctionality in one organ, if one of the departments of an organisation do not function optimally, it can affect the entire organisation as a whole. So if a customer service department does not show connect, warmth and empathy as well as seamless service; it impacts future sales as well as return customers and hence directly the profitability of the organization.

Understanding this important role functions play within an organization,The Yellow Spot’s functional trainings create specialization and make employees fully competent in the role they play to benefit the entire system.

Module Snippets


Do you ever feel that the sessions you conduct lack the zing and vigour required to keep the audience engrossed and engaged? Do you ever wish that you knew how to handle the various types of participants that come to your sessions better?

Come join us in what we do best, train!!!

Our Train the Trainer workshop will take you through the entire training cycle and give you insights and practical experience into conducting the training need identification and analysis to identify and understand the problem at hand, design relevant content for the audience and the problem, deliver an energy filled session which has a lot of participation and keeps your audience engaged and understand how effective the session was.

Train The trainer Workshop
People Management Skills Training


Having great people management or managerial skills is one of the most critical and difficult aspects of being a manager or a leader. Sensitive issues arise almost daily and the way you handle these situations eventually dictates the mood of your team.

To gain your respect and buy-in from your team and your senior management; you need to deal with people problems quickly, sensitively and professionally without always resorting to formal procedures.

Our Effective People Management or Managerial Skills Training is completely packed with people management techniques that are essential and will help you even with the most difficult or awkward people related situations. It will enhance your performance as an effective people manager.


The health of any organisation depends on positioning the right person at the right place and at the right time. In today’s complex world, the selection process is difficult & demanding. One incorrect selection can lead to a substantial loss of productivity, revenue and profits for the organization. This makes interviewing; the tool commonly used for employee selection, all the more important.

Our Interviewing Skills Training concentrates on the pre-interview preparation; developing competency-based questions that extract value; the interview techniques that get specific, behaviour-based examples of past performance and the strategies that follow through on this process.

Interview Skills Training


The meaning of the word ‘negotiation’ is different for different people. Some of us see it as a challenging situation where we need to overpower the opponent to win, while others see it as a conflicting situation which is fearful and may best be to stay away from.

However, we all have to negotiate at some point or the other in our lives, be it personal or professional. Therefore changing our perspective on it is essential and imperative for growth.

Our Negotiation Skills Training helps you look at negotiation in the right way. It gives you insights into your negotiation style and helps you enhance the same by teaching you negotiation techniques that can help you reach a win-win in any negotiation scenario. It can also be a great add on for your sales training.


Research shows that it costs you five times as much to win a new customer than to keep a current one. This means that you must put in every effort to keep your old customers with you. How are you going to do this? Is delivering your product enough or is there something beyond that? Are you providing a unique customer experience by proactively anticipating your customers’ needs and expectations and exceeding them every time? Are you looking at your external customers as your only customers or do you also believe that you have some other customers who are equally important.

To find out the answers to these questions and many more, join us in our power packed Customer Orientation or Customer Service Training.

Customer Service Training & Workshops
Planning and Prioritizing training


We all know that planning and prioritizing are crucial elements required by everyone in their daily business and personal life. Without planning your time and prioritizing what is important and what is not, it is impossible to identify which of your activities are most productive and need more time to be spent on them. When we are not focused on these crucial elements that make us effective, there are high chances of wasting time and energy on mundane tasks. This means that the more important ones get left out which can greatly lead to stress and anxiety.

Our Planning and Prioritizing training will give you some great tips for dealing with popular time management issues that can help you get more out of your day.


If you work all by yourself, there’s only a limited amount of work that you will be able do, no matter how hard you work. You can only work for a certain number of hours in a day. Even a super hero needs support and there is no shame in asking for it. That is where delegation comes into picture.

Delegation is an art that can help you manage your projects and daily tasks better. People who are good at delegating are great at balancing their workloads, building on their strengths and developing others. Delegation training helps looking at why we refrain from delegating our tasks and paves the way for performing more and more effectively.

Delegation Training
Creativity & Innovative Thinking Training.


Everyone is creative, but our creativity can be trapped like a mouse in a mousetrap, either because of our belief that change is not required, our unwillingness to change, lack of conviction that change can make a positive difference or an opinion that nobody wants change. These barriers are however often hidden from our view and hence difficult to identify and work upon, hindering our creativity.

The fact is that creativity can only be unleashed when we are willing for a change, a change that will break barriers and propel you to THE NEXT LEVEL, what we aim to do through our Creativity & Innovative Thinking Training.


Problems are a part of life and the approach we adopt to solve them is what really makes the difference. In today’s competitive environment, at each and every position in the organization employees are exposed to situations where they need to solve problems and take decisions of varying degrees.  The biggest challenge facing employees in today’s dynamic environment is the effective use of one’s individual resources in analyzing situations to make effective decisions.

The Problem Solving and Decision Making Training focuses on developing competencies for effective problem analysis and evaluation. This includes first accepting that there is a problem and identification of the root causes of the problem, generating and evaluating alternative solutions and making appropriate decisions as well as taking responsibility for the decisions made.

Problem Solving and Decision Making Training
Presentation Skills Training


Effective presentation skills offer a systematic manner of presenting yourself, any information, ideas and facts with the objective of passing on clear information, influencing and persuading others, educating, entertaining and motivating people. It is not sufficient to know what one ought to say; one must also know how to say it and when to say it. We are continuously presenting ourselves at all points of time even though we may not be aware of it.

Our Presentation Skills Training helps you to cultivate your own presentation style, maintain your uniqueness and be an authentic and impressive presenter. You will be able to speak with confidence, understand the audience, manage your time, get hands on with technology and create your own structure and flow to keep the audience engaged at all times.


The growth and profitability of most organizations depends on the effectiveness of their sales teams. The sales team acts as the ambassadors of the organization in the market place, aiding the positioning created by advertising.

For a sales professional, it is not enough only to know the products and services that they can offer their customers. They need to service their customers effectively for which they need to identify the issues facing their customers and find appropriate solutions. It therefore becomes imperative to hone the selling skills of these professionals to provide the organization maximum sales advantage.

This Sales training looks at understanding the psychology of the sales professional as well as the customer and equips you with the moves required to bring you success in the selling process.

Sales Training

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Sales Effectiveness Training

Problem Solving and Decision Making

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