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Let’s look further into how sales training can amplify your sales performance.

In the previous article, we discussed various aspects and points to sling shot your sales career.

The points that we covered were:

  1. Change the way you look at selling as your selling every moment anyway

  2. Love your product or service

  3. Treat your Customers as friends

  4. Look at failures as learning’s

  5. Have patience and don’t rush the client

  6. Believe in yourself

  7. Use the pull strategy instead of the push strategy

Let’s look at another aspect of sales training today.

Many sales professionals land up over selling themselves. They over speak, over praise their products, over groom themselves, over commit, show over confidence, etc. Phew, that was a lot of over’s! But I’m sure you get my point.

What this does is, make one seem fake. The opposite person realizes that this individual is trying really hard to sell and will do it at any cost. Even if there is no need. And we all know what happens next. The customer tries to run away from us and also terms us as a “selu” in his mind. Well that’s we get to hear in practically every sales training that we deliver!

On the other side, there are people who fear sales so much that they completely withdraw. They shake and sweat the moment the word ‘sales’ comes into their mind. They fear targets and get pressurized big time. They are scared to approach strangers and unknown people. In fact, the get so overtaken by fear that they actually refuse to give themselves a chance at what they might actually find to be their skill!

Finding a balance between both the ends of the spectrum is essential. And this is exactly what we help you do in our sales training.

We also help you look into another very important factor. One that will help you be more confident and comfortable while on the field. The little things that help you in creating a great first impression. The first and foremost step of every sales training!

Basic Grooming:

  1. Clean Up: Somehow this is the point that always ends up getting the most laughs in every sales training. But it is also the one that people tend to take for granted the most!

Focus on being neat and clean at all times. Have well-trimmed and tidy hair. Avoid having oil in your hair. Have a hairstyle that looks good on you and makes you feel more confident. Regularly trim your nails and beard. Body and oral hygiene is always important. Have a healthy diet and drink plenty of water to help keep these in place. Use good quality and mild perfumes and not the strong one’s that can cause the client a headache!

  1. Clothes: Wear colours and contrasts that suit you. At the end of the day, it’s all about what fits you well and makes you comfortable and presentable. Nonetheless; big designs, large checks, broad stripes, very bright colours can be avoided.

Know what is in fashion and change your wardrobe along with it. But remember that it must suit you. If you are uncomfortable, you won’t be able to make the client comfortable!

  1. Jewellery: Ensure your accessories like chains, bracelets, rings, earrings, nose rings, are not too loud. You want all the attention to go to what you have to say and not on how much jewellery you own!

Keep the five point jewellery rule in mind. The number of pieces of jewellery you are wearing at any point of time should not exceed five. And that’s including your watch!

  1. Other Accessories: A good pair of shoes or sandals which are in good condition, are well-polished and are not too noisy! Your belt, purse, wallet, pen, diaries, mobile phone and covers should be well maintained and in sync with each other in colour and design if possible.

Your Conduct:

  1. Walk: The way in which you walk defines who you are. A walk that is impactful and at ease is always appreciated and also forms a part of the first impression. Very fast, too slow, slouched, stiff, too much movement; all pass on implicit meanings to the client about your personality and are undesirable. A relaxed and confident gait is the best.

  1. Posture: The way in which you stand and maintain your balance while you sit or walk or drive is also important. Too stiff and you are rigid. Too loose and you are lousy. Gautam Buddha says “Madhyam Marg,” keep it balanced!

  1. Hand Gestures: The way in which you use your hands to express and communicate is important. Keeping your palms facing up shows that you are open. At the same time, crossing your arms shows that you are closed. Some people tend to point fingers while talking, while others put their hands in the pocket. All these gestures signify certain things and continuously give signals to the client about you.

  1. Facial Gestures: They say a person’s face is the mirror of what’s happening in his or her life, heart and head. Your face expresses your emotions like no other body part. So be aware of your eyes – eye contact and rolling of the eyes. Lips and your mouth movements. Your chin and cheeks while you laugh or smile or frown or are sad. The way you nod and the way your forehead moves. All of these showcase how you are feeling. They all have to be taken care of and one must be aware of them at all times. You don’t want to say good morning with a frown on your face now do you!

  1. Proximity: The distance you maintain between you and the people you meet. Ensure you are not too close to the opposite person. You don’t want to enter their ‘personal zone’ and make them feel uncomfortable. Being too far is also not a great option as the person can’t hear you or may feel disconnected. Remember the right amount of distance keeps ‘the heart fonder!’

  1. Vocabulary: The choice of words you use is of utmost importance. The grammar and pronunciations, formation and flow of sentences. The relevance to the topic as well as the interest you generate, decides how far you will go with the client. So make sure you read a lot. It will help you improve your content and your language skills and help you build rapport.

So are you ready to join a sales training which will teach you how to look good and in turn make your product look good. A sales training that will surely help you boost your career. Sounds good?

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