I have written multiple articles on conflict management training programs before. And I am writing on it again today. No matter how least importance we give to conflict management training, it definitely needs our most attention.
If you have people around you at your workplace or even at your home for that matter, conflicts will find its way. In teams, it is very very common. Moreover, it should exist. If you do not conflicts taking place which include you or within your team or organisation, there is some problem I am telling you. I know it sounds weird, you sure must be thinking that there should be a problem when there ‘is’ a conflict not when there is no conflict. But, trust me, a healthy conflict is an ingredient to a strong and open team.
When you have conflicts in teams that means you have difference of opinions. And difference of opinion is good for Organisational development. That is how creativity comes into the picture. When your team has disagreements happening and different opinions coming up, there are lot of alternatives coming up. One of which can be a solution. But this will only happen if there is healthy conflict happening. If everybody thinks that we do not need a conflict and keep quiet and don’t share what they have in mind how will that discussion be of any use.
Now, when I say healthy conflicts and that they are good, you should also be able to manage them well enough. It obviously makes no sense if everybody is disagreeing and no one wants to listen to anybody. That is a fight! Facilitating a conflict situation is a super power if used well.
In fact, if you are in team leading position, managing conflicts should be your biggest job. You should be able to do it effortlessly. Not just at your workplace but it is important in your house with your family too. Most of our conflicts we have are with our family members. Right? It definitely is a very tough job, but a crucial one for you.
Some people are just naturally good at it while other find it difficult. This is where I will say a conflict management training is a life saver. Even if you are not in a team leading position, managing disagreements and conflicts is something that a part and parcel of your life. Its high time you take conflict management training seriously, if you are not good at it.
A conflict management training can save you in many such situations, be it office, home, with friends or even on the road. I am not kidding! Try it!

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