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Have you ever been a part of team building training programmes with your team? How was your experience? Do you know that apart from just bonding with your team, corporate team building activities can help stimulate your mind? Yup. It’s just like when were kids playing games or solving puzzles. We all know how these helped big time in making our minds develop faster and become sharper.

Team building workshops are no different from that. They also make use of a number of corporate team building activities like games, exercises, etc. to bring about learning.

Apart from learning, the best part about team building training programmes is that they are a lot of fun. They use experiential training methodologies that keep participants engaged and actually making learning an enjoyable task!

Not only do the activities contribute in making you a better team player, they can also bring out the natural leader in you or even get you in touch with realities that you were completely unaware off!

Corporate team building activities also help your brain work more efficiently by sharpening your existing skills and helping you learn new ones.

How? By boosting brain functions like memory. The memory functions of our brains respond strongly to physical exercise. Your brain structure actually grows when you are physically active. Hence doing physical activities improves your memory formation and you can learn more effectively. Physical activities also tire us out and help us connect to our natural inert flow, in turn making our brains more aware and alert.

At the same time, corporate team building activities are not just about physical exercise. They also consist of a number of mentally stimulating activities that are performed to bring the team mentally and emotionally together. Remember some of the corporate team building activities that you must have gone through in the past that needed you to really strategize and plan your steps well? Your brain is highly active throughout these activities and is receiving continuous stimulation. That’s definitely something that is helping it develop!

Not only do the activities keep your brain working, just think of the brain power that goes into reflection when you analyse your performance post the activity! I know how brain consuming that job is, especially when I see participants really hungry post these sessions!

If you would like to be a part of such a team building event and treat your and your team’s brain with some stimulating corporate team building activities, you can get in touch with us. We would be more than happy to help😊

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