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Can corporate training programs really help you develop your personality? Yes they can. How? Let me tell you using an example, a very popular fairytale. Cinderella.

So I was watching the movie ‘Cinderella’ on television today. Do you know the story of Cinderella? Of course you do. Everybody knows it and most of us love it! Now I know what you must be wondering. What has Cinderella got to do with corporate training programs? But don’t worry. We’ll come to it.

Now coming back to Cinderella. As we all know, Cinderella led a very difficult life. She was constantly troubled by her step mother and step sisters. In fact, they treated her like a servant and made her do all the chores in the house.

When Cinderella heard of the ball the king had announced, she wanted to go. She felt like this was her chance to put an end to her misery. However she was not allowed to go as her step mother and sisters did not allow her to.

Just when she finally accepted her sad fate, her fairy godmother appeared. And guess what she did. MAGIC! She turned the pumpkin into a carriage, grasshoppers into horses, rats into footmen, etc. She even turned Cinderella’s rags into a beautiful satin lace dress, put diamonds in her hair and neck and turned her old slippers into sparkling glass ones. In short, she made Cinderella’s dream come true. She made Cinderella look presentable enough to go to the King’s ball. So much so, that the prince immediately fell in love with her the minute he set his eyes on her!

Any clues on the parallel I’m drawing between this story and corporate training programs?

Corporate training programs are like the ‘Magic’ in the Cinderella story. They can help you transform your personality. Not just your outer personality, as we spoke of in the story. But even your inner personality. The one that forms the major chunk of your personality.

In this day and age, how presentable you are matters. It is the secret to creating a great first impression. But that is only one side of it. If you simply look good and behave inappropriately, your first impression will definitely go for a toss!

Corporate training programs, specifically personality development programs, help you develop your personality. This is helpful professionally as well as personally. They also help in enhancing your self-confidence and overall self-esteem.

Companies nowadays give a lot of importance to such programs. They understand that the softer aspects like behaviour and attitude of their employees is what sets the culture of an organisation. And this also goes a long way in reducing stress and conflicts in an organisation while building an open and growth oriented outlook.

So take the corporate training programs that your organisation holds for you as a golden opportunity. It will help you in getting aware of and inculcating the soft skills that are essential for you to grow. It will bring out a better you from you!

The transformation however, takes a bit of effort. It’s not as easy as a fairy godmother waiving her magic wand and transforming you completely like in the case of Cinderella. It is you who has to make the effort. You have to take those steps towards transformation. And you know where it all starts? With a burning desire to be better. A genuine wish to change your fate, just like Cinderella. That desire will motivate you and take you through the transformational journey.

So contact your learning and development team today and ask them to get such corporate training programs conducted for you. After all, an employee’s transformation is the organisation’s transformation, isn’t it?

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