Ah its that time of the year again. The perfect time for a Goal Setting Workshop! Why? Because it’s the starting of a new year and the time that we set goals for ourselves.

So have you come up with your new year resolution/s yet? Did I hear you saying the last one’s aren’t completed yet? Don’t worry. That’s a common problem. And the vast majority falls in that boat!

The same thing happens in the corporate world. We start of the year with creating goals for our teams. But unfortunately, most of the time these goals go unfulfilled. Either they are too lofty or the team just isn’t motivated enough to move towards it. The zing that everyone started the year off with just gets lost along the way and we end up struggling at the end of the year. Struggling to complete the very same goals which we were actually motivated to work on at the start of the year!

This is the precise reason why we recommend goal setting workshops. Such workshops help you to set goals that are achievable yet challenging. They also help you to define your goals vey clearly so that the entire team has a similar understanding of the goal and heads in the same direction. Goal setting workshops also help participants in working on action with time management. They help in creating a well thought of action plan which looks at all possibilities. Well, you have to keep Plan B ready in case Plan A doesn’t work, right!

Defining responsibilities ensures that each team member takes ownership and accountability for the tasks that they are given. In fact, in Goal Setting Workshops, participants are so charged up that they actually put their hands up and take on particular responsibilities. They also ensure that others around them support them so that they are able to complete them successfully.

A very interesting module that is rarely covered in typical goal setting workshops is also goal setting conversations. In our goal setting workshops, we help Managers devise SMART goals for their team members and also assist them in communicating the same to them in an effective manner. And why do you think such conversations are important? To ensure that the Manager and the Team Members are on the same page. Unfortunately; the human mind tends to delete, distort and generalise information. This means that we do the same thing with the goals our Managers give us. This may lead us to actually think and work towards something other than what was expected of us, leading to plenty of rework and wastage of a lot of time!

Now aren’t these good enough reasons to arrange a Goal Setting Workshop for your Organisation?

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