Offsite Team Building Training

Team building training is our forte. Especially outbound team building trainings, popularly known as offsite team building training. We personally love them. Why? Because they are the perfect mix of fun and learning.


In fact, this is the time when organisations have their annual meets and sales meets. They take their whole team to an offsite location and also conduct team building trainings as a part of it. This serves three purposes:

  • Looking at how the past year went and strategizing for the next financial year
  • Bringing the whole team together at least once in a year, and most importantly
  • Learning to be a better team while having lots of fun in the process


So, why do you think companies take their people to an off-site location and not just do their annual meet or team building training in their office itself?


You got it! That’s just boring as its where they have all their activities the whole year through!!! Annual meets and sales meets are important events. And if people don’t feel motivated enough to take part in them wholly, they are simply going to be a waste of time. Similarly, if you want to motivate your team to bond together and work cohesively, don’t they need a change from their regular workplace?


If you really want your team to bond together well and become a strong team, make them a strong team outside the workplace. Why? Because they tend to bond at a whole new level outside the office. And in the workspace, they will have a tendency to pretty much talk only about work! Also, their interactions will be more transactional as they have to follow the rules of the office and can’t really be themselves.


Taking your team to an offsite location and doing a team building training gives them a feeling of going for an outing and having fun with the team. That is where they really find the motivation to bond and get to know each other beyond what they do. And it’s this motivation that leads to working together effectively, figuring out where they lack as a team and working on the specific areas that need to be worked upon.


We have had many experiences where before we started with the team building training, the entire team was unknown to each other or not very close. But by the end of the team building training, they were literally best of buddies! Yes, team building training creates that impact. In a short period of time, it gives you a chance to know your team well and gel with them well. And team building trainings not only help you learn how to be a great team member, they can also give you great insights on how to be a great team leader.

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