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Technical Skills

Technical training is the process of teaching employees how to more accurately and thoroughly perform the technical components of their jobs. Training can include technology applications, products and process, sales and service tactics, etc.

Technically trained employees are more likely to have the confidence and skills necessary to perform their work efficiently. This improves employee morale and productivity. The knowledge and skills employees will have will often lead to more innovation in the company and more opportunities for completing tasks or activities more efficiently.

Companies that offer technical training gain from reduced operating costs and a better reputation for quality and improved processes which leads to enhanced internal and external service levels.

The Yellow Spot offers the following courses to enhance your technical expertise:

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Computer Based Training

If you need to brush up your Microsoft Office skills or are looking to learn the nuances of any of its packages you can go in for our Computer Based Training. We offer sessions on Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Outlook so you can do your work faster and better.


Financial Management Training:

Financial Management training can help your Finance and Accounts team improve performance and accountability.

Although we offer all kinds of programs in the financial sphere, our ‘Finance for Non-Finance’ is the most acclaimed of them all, helping employees from other departments in understanding the basics of finance. Some of the other programs we offer are on Financial Reporting, Investment Banking, Wealth Management, Banking, Business Acumen for Sales and Channel Partners, Business Analytics, Capital Markets, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Corporate Finance and Performance Management, Regulatory and Compliance, Risk Management, etc.


Product & Process Training:

To meet the ever increasing competition, organizations are constantly innovating and coming up with new products and processes. However many of them are unable to keep pace with training their employees on the same. This results in employees following outdated procedures and being unaware of the new products which the organization has come out with, setting a bad example in front of customers.

In case you are facing a similar issue and need help when it comes to training your employees on these new products and processes, we can assist you on the same. In case you are running short of time we can also create product and process manuals for you based on the raw material that you provide us with. These can then be delivered to employees to ensure that their knowledge is up to date and correct.


Project Management Training:

Managing a project can be quite a daunting task if you do not have knowledge on how to go about the process. There are various aspects like understanding the project scope and requirements, creating a project plan, assessing project risk, executing the project, monitoring and evaluating the project, etc. that must be understood well to successfully manage a project.

Through our Project Management workshops we help you get a better understanding in each of these areas. We also teach you MS Project so that you can do away with all the paper work and excel sheets and manage the project using a software. Using this software you can manage tasks, submit time sheets, flag issues and risks, analyze resources, budgets and timelines, measure progress, anticipate resource needs, etc.


Quality Management Training:

With so much stress being laid on customer service, delivering quality products and services has become a necessity. Processes must be improved and care must be taken to ensure that the best reaches the customer.

To help you in your endeavour, we have started quality training on CMMI, Six Sigma, ISO 9001 and process definition. We also offer independent audits and advisory services on the above.


Risk Management Training:

We identify areas that can be a risk for you, evaluate them and take steps to mitigate the risk. We also come up with various risk strategies and management frameworks to help you enhance your risk performance.

Our Risk Portfolio consists of Security Risk Management for Physical and Information Security and Business Resilience for Business Continuity. We work towards understanding your unique security needs and implementing suitable frameworks to protect your people, assets, information and reputation to mitigate your security risks and achieve superior performance. We also collaborate with you to identify the internal and external threats to your business and aim to provide preventive or corrective frameworks so that the losses can be minimized and critical processes can be recovered at the earliest by making use of the available resources.


Women Safety Training:

Most people believe it takes years to learn effective women's self-defence. That’s not quite the case. We can empower you through our sessions by giving you the skills and confidence you need to identify, avoid and survive crime by preparing you both mentally and physically for today’s violence.

Our women safety training is dedicated to equipping your women employees with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to avoid or respond to violent encounters at the workplace or outside. These sessions increasing general safety awareness, teach self defence techniques and show your women how to use tools to protect themselves using practical training, discussions, presentations, case studies and role-plays to drive home awareness and physical capability. We can also help you in implementation of Workplace Sexual Harassment Policies as well as forming of a committee for women’s safety.