Completing a task with quality in the least time is never easy. No matter how experienced, qualified or confident you are, it can get difficult if you don’t have your skills in place. Finding the right balance between your technical skills and your soft skills is essential so that you can successfully complete the job at hand.

Technical skills are specific expertise that an individual requires to perform a certain task or job and are imperative for doing the core job effectively. Employees who have technical skills are often more confident and better at multitasking in a challenging and complex role. For example, those who have good computer skills may be able to analyse huge amounts of data and represent the same graphically on a presentation slide in a small amount of time.

Companies that invest consistently in technical skills in their employees have a proven track record of enhanced customer satisfaction, bottom line and improved employee morale.

Recognising this need, we at The Yellow Spot offer various Technical Skills trainings to help you work more efficiently, boost your confidence and give your customers a delightful experience.

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To meet the ever increasing competition, organizations are constantly innovating and coming up with new products and processes. However many of them are unable to keep pace, resulting in employees following out-dated procedures and being unaware of the new products which the organization has come out with. This sets a bad example in front of customers.

In case you are facing a similar issue and need help when it comes to training your employees on these new products and processes, we can assist you on the same. We can also create product and process manuals for you based on the raw material that you provide us with which can then be delivered to employees to ensure that their knowledge is up to date and correct.

Product & Process Training
Accounts & Finance Management Training


Finance Training is not just important for Accounts and Finance executives. It in fact crops up in practically every other function; be it in Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Production, Procurement, etc.

Finance for Non-finance Training enables professionals to gain working knowledge of important financial principles in a simple manner, enabling them to make critical business decisions. It helps participants grasp basic fundamentals of finance and accounting like understanding and analyzing financial statements. This helps them in taking decisions with regards to analyzing the cost of a new project, managing budgets, implementing cost saving procedures, etc. and other growth strategies that they may need to deploy for their department.


Are you facing difficulty with MS Outlook? Are you aware of most of the options on MS Excel? Or do you wish you could make better presentations on MS PowerPoint?

If you need to brush up your Microsoft Office skills or are looking to learn the nuances of any of its packages you can go in for our Computer Based Training. We offer sessions on Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Outlook so you can do your work faster and better.

MS Office Training & Workshops
Project Management Training


When it comes to successfully managing a project, there are various aspects like understanding the project scope and requirements, creating a project plan, assessing project risk, executing the project, monitoring and evaluating the project, etc. that must be understood well.

Through our Project Management Training we help you get a better understanding in each of these areas. We also teach you MS Project so that you can do away with all the paper work and excel sheets and manage the project using software. Using this software you can manage tasks, submit time sheets, flag issues and risks, analyze resources, budgets and timelines, measure progress, anticipate resource needs, etc.


Today’s competitive business environment requires employees to have more knowledge and better skill sets than ever before. This translates into more training for more number of employees and greater training costs. On the other hand business success requires companies to lower their costs and hence companies are always looking for ways to provide cost effective trainings to their employees.

We offer E-Learning solutions like Off-the-Shelf and customised modules in various forms like games, simulations, etc. that help reduce cost of delivering bulk trainings and are convenient as you can learn from any location and at any time. We can also help you manage all your training activities through Learning Management Systems customised to your needs.

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