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When our Sales team is doing well, conducting a sales skills training program is the last thing on our minds. What for, they are already doing a great job! However, this success drives most companies into complacency. So much, that they tend to ‘not see the signs’ when their numbers are dipping and often wait for the ‘external environment’ to improve.

So, what are some signs that your sales team is in need of a sales skills training? Let me tell you…

  • Your number of leads are dropping –

    This could be due to various factors. Yes, it could be due to environmental conditions. For example, consider the current scenario where the world is engulfed by the deadly corona pandemic. Buying products and services apart from essential ones is frankly the last thing on anyone’s mind!

But if you find your leads dropping under normal circumstances, its time to look seriously into lead generation. Your team may have become a little too comfortable with the methods you have been using. And to bring in a whiff of fresh air and open up new opportunities they can attend a sales training program. It will tell them what the rest of the world and their competitors are using. The latest methods on the block will also be discussed. For you never know what results trying something new can bring in.

  • The number of Prospective Clients getting back after the first call is decreasing

    This could mean that your sales team needs to brush up their skills on how to set a great first impression, how to genuinely connect with prospects or simply find new ways of creating value in the minds of the customer. After all, customers are changing and so is their concept of value. And what better way to learn about these than in a sales training program!

  • Closure numbers are on a decline

    This issue could be ranging from anything like a change required in your presentation slides, to how your sales team is questioning to find out the customer’s needs to how they are at negotiation. They need to get aware about how they are doing each of these things, what they can improve in their current style or what they can incorporate. And a sales skills training provides the best opportunity to do the same.

In your experience, what are the other signs that are indicative of a code red for a sales team? We would love to hear from you. After all, its your experiences that help us make our sales training programs richer😊


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