I have been talking to a large number of soft skills trainers as of late. Actually soft skills trainers would be an incorrect tag, corporate trainers would be better. We have recently launched a Business Partner program wherein we work with trainers from different leagues of life across the globe, to give clients the best possible experience. Sounds interesting? The trainers we have spoken to found it tooJ


Inviting Corporate Trainers for Business Partner


So let me tell you a little about the program to give you a better idea. You know how we have been working with various expert vendors to provide our clients with a wider range of offerings in fields like E-Learning, Organisational Development, Executive Coaching, Project Management, Risk Management, IT, Computers, Finance, etc. Well we thought since this model is working so well, let’s come up with a model for Freelance Trainers where we tie up with them and further broaden our offerings.

Now you must be wondering how this really works and how it benefits everybody. Let me explain.

How it Works: The corporate trainers that we tie up with go out into the market and represent us as Business Partners. So they get business in our name and we get it delivered. Simple isn’t it?


Benefits to Clients:

  1. They get greater variety in terms of offerings
  1. They get the most skilled trainers delivering their sessions
  1. They get to converse with trainers right from the start who understand their needs better and can offer them better solutions than Business Development Executives
  1. They can have their needs fulfilled at any location across the globe
  1. They can have a single company executing their PAN India assignments, giving them consistency and standardisation at all locations
  1. They know they will receive the best as far as quality, integrity and transparency goes as The Yellow Spot ensures these values are maintained even by its Business Partners
  1. They don’t need to worry about issues they may face with Freelancers like them falling sick and not turning up for the session as The Yellow Spot has around 80 to 100 consultants across the country and can easily arrange for a back-up


Benefits to Business Partners:

  1. They find it easy to get business as they have the backing of an 8 year old company with more than a 150 clients
  1. They can offer the client a session even if it is not something they are experts in or it is a PAN India assignment which they cannot deliver on their own
  1. They get preference for delivering sessions in which they have expertise and have brought business in
  2. They get support in business development and in content development, wherever required
  1. They get the experience of being an entrepreneur with the support of an established organisation and the motivation of being part of a large team
  1. They earn greater remuneration as they get a Business Development fee for every business they bring in and a Training Delivery fee for every session they deliver, besides being able to get a higher ticket value than they would have got as a freelancer
  1. They can work at their own pace as The Yellow Spot believes in proactiveness and taking initiative rather than imposing targets
  1. They can maintain their freedom as they can continue freelancing or running their own business


Benefits to The Yellow Spot:

  1. We have a large motivated team reaching out to more and more clients
  1. Our sales team has a good understanding of delivery and hence brings home a better understanding of the requirement
  1. We have more expertise on our team and can offer our clients more
  1. We get to help trainers who are really interested in learning more
  1. We get to learn more through sharing
  1. We can reach out and help more participants through the quality and passion that we offer


Well those are the points that I can currently think of, am sure there must be more that you can think of. I’m hoping you must have got an idea about this program and why we keen to promote it. It’s really a Win-Win-Win solution for the Client, Business Partner and Us. Isn’t that just great!

Visit us at https://www.theyellowspot.com/ to know more or call us on +91 9769733305. See you soon:)

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