I am back with my discussion on Corporate Training Companies in Mumbai.

If you remember, we were looking at areas that these companies need to look at to take them to the next level.

So let’s continue with the points:

  1. The next step for a top corporate training company would be to check the outcomes that the client wants from the program. We must also assess whether this outcome can be accomplished in the timeline provided by the client and whether it needs more inputs before, during and /or after the program.

Here one needs to be able to identify the existing gap properly, whether it is a skills, knowledge or an attitude gap. Attitude gaps usually takes the longest to fill over skills and knowledge gaps. Coaching and counselling are usually the best way to go about with them.

Take a note of what I’m going to tell you now carefully as here is where most of the corporate training institutes in Mumbai as well as solo trainers often falter. Very often in the fear of loosing the business we give in to the client’s demands. We land up promising to deliver objectives that are not possible in the given time and/or in the methodology the client approves. This eventually leads to unsuccessful training interventions.

Most successful training programs are well assessed, delivered objectively using instructional design techniques and are followed up well post the delivery. However the ground reality is that due to paucity of time, funds and pressure from business; very often clients wants everything to be delivered in one go. They lack the resources to spread the intervention across a longer duration and more often than not do not even give enough time given to the pre and post program work. The results in poor programs which either do not create the expected change or create a very short term impact with low learner retention.

To tackle this problem, my suggestion is to follow a middle approach. A consultant can suggest what is good or ideal and look at the training not as a one day event but as an intervention. He can openly suggest his or her findings as well as accept the clients challenges, clearly sharing what outcome is possible in the time allotted. A good training intervention is always a joint effort and not one person’s responsibility. Thus if the consultant joins hands with the client in fulfilling the objectives; the outcome is better, there are no false expectations set and the consultant can go ahead doing his best in whatever opportunity he has been given without taking the entire burden on himself.

Corporate Training Companies in Mumbai

Joining Hands with the Client

4. Most training programs and interventions land up being person dependent and largely dependent on the knowledge and skills of the trainer and his interpretation of the organisational issue at hand. This typically results in a trainer being able to only partly solve the issue at hand due to his limited knowledge and experience as an individual, leading to very few training programs being successful in creating the desired change in individuals and organisations.

This is where corporate training companies that have diverse trainers and consultants have an upper hand. If these trainers can all lend their expertise to the training intervention, then it becomes more holistic in nature and can successfully solve the issue at hand.

  1. Most of the theories and concepts that are used during delivery are picked up from the west and are well accepted and applied blindly without much doubt. Some of these concepts come with good research and backing while many of them are just eastern philosophies which are repackaged and sold back to the east in a flashy costlier form!

Trainers and training companies need to ensure they use concepts that actually tackle the organisational issue and not just offer good sounding concepts that may result in not meeting the objectives.

Am sure I have given you enough food for thought right now and am hoping it will help in making your training interventions more successful. Once Corporate Training Companies in Mumbai start looking at interventions holistically and truly look at partnering with their client stakeholders at every front there’s no stopping them. If they can have a consultative approach towards their interventions and also have a long term approach over a short term one, they can definitely look at being one of the top Corporate Training Companies in Mumbai.

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