Skilful Conversations

With so many of us still working from home, I’m sure the number of skilful conversations that we need to have with those around us has gone up tremendously. What kind of conversations? Let me tell you…

Some current examples of Skilful Conversations

In the Professional Domain

• Telling your subordinate that he/ she is not performing up to the mark
• Explaining to your boss why your team was unable to deliver a product in time
• Apologising to a client for inappropriate etiquette displayed during a video conferencing call
• Asking a vendor to reduce their bill for a service of theirs

In the Personal Domain

• Explaining to your kids why they can’t play with their friends without having a mask on
• Requesting your family members to stay out of the room while you are on a call
• Asking your wife to go down to collect a courier
• Telling your maid that she needs to sanitise her hands before touching anything
• Asking your landlord to forgo your house rent

I’m sure you get the idea! These are all typical difficult conversations which we are facing nowadays, and which require skilful handling.

Having Skilful Conversations

There is an amazing model that we teach our participants in our Communication Skills Training. This model is a Skilful conversations model and helps us in having cordial conversations even in the toughest of situations. And you know the best part? It has been tried and tested by us again and again in various personal and professional situations. And guess what. It really works like a charm!

In fact, I used it on my boss just a few days back. He was changing our payment structure to make it, let’s say, more Covid friendly! The earlier me would have just accepted what he said even though I may not have agreed with it. However, I approached this conversation differently. I kept the Skilful Conversations Model in my mind and went ahead using it step by step.

The result? I was able to share what I felt without the typical negativity that accompanies such conversations. In fact, my boss even agreed to my views. That truly was the magic of practising the model!

If you also want to learn how to use this magic wand and be more successful in your conversations, you can ask us to arrange a Skilful Conversation Training today. Not only will it help you manage your and others’ emotions better; but will also help you assertively share your views.

The result? A marked improvement in your personal and professional relationships. So, what are you waiting for!

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