Personality development workshop

Personality Development training is a name that excites many. We all want to know what we are like and how we come across to others. That’s why we keep taking multiple tests online which showcase our preferences through colours, foods, drinks, etc.!

But have you ever though of what really personality development training is about and how can you really develop your personality?

Many of us will probably say that’s easy. Just change your wardrobe or get a new hairstyle. A makeover is sure to change your personality! But does it really? While you have changed on the outside, no doubt, are you really very different on the inside?

Yes, you may say the makeover can give you confidence and make you feel better about yourself. I’m totally with you on that one. But do you think that confidence really lasts, or does it wear out in some time?

If you truly want a long-term enhancement to your personality, you’re going to have to work on the part that really matters. And that’s the part that also influences all the other parts! So, what is it? It’s your thoughts…

It is absolutely amazing that humans have an average of about 60,000 thoughts in a day, out of which 98% are repeated thoughts and 80% are actually negative thoughts! And we all know what kind of a havoc these negative thoughts cause in our mind and in our emotions!

Negative thoughts are the cause of a not-so-great-personality. They limit us and ensure we don’t fulfil our potential. They are just like the brake in a car. No matter how much you press the accelerator, if the brake is also pressed then the car will never move. So, no matter how much you try to move forward in life, negative thoughts will keep braking your progress.

So, where do we need to work on to develop our personality? On our thoughts. After all, our thoughts are the ones that drive our emotions and our behaviour. And to create a permanent change, we need to work on the root cause of all the trouble!

Personality development training is therefore about making our thoughts and hence our inner landscape more positive. For its only when we have positive thinking can we emit the right energy into the universe. And its only then can the universe provide us with what we want. It’s really difficult to achieve success in life when there is a train of negative thoughts running through your mind which keeps telling you that you aren’t good enough. For that is truly the energy that will go out in the world and govern how situations and people treat you.

I therefore urge you to make a change today. Get aware of your thoughts and their patterns, accept that you are thinking that way and then take action to change. And if you need help, we are always there. You can simply arrange for a corporate training program in your organisation and we will be happy to help!

So, here’s to a positive future with positive thinking and lasting success & happiness😊

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