The Corporate Training Business has started booming in the country since 1991 and has reached new heights in the past decade. Not only have new international companies entered the market, the local ones have also strengthened their hold and offerings and new ones are cropping up regularly.

Apart from needing prior experience, there are no barriers faced as such when entering into this business.

While many players have entered the business, sustenance and growth only happen of those who add value to the client and fulfil their needs.

Corporate training companies in India have not restricted themselves to offering only training programs.

At The Yellow Spot, we also started as a corporate training company in Mumbai offering Soft and Behavioural skills training programs across the country and have gradually spread our wings across the country using a blended approach of offerings.

Corporate Training

Corporate Training using the Experiential Learning Approach

We recruited trainers at strategic locations and also empanelled them at other locations. This helped create a robust team across 50 locations across the country.Later we decided to move into the Organization Development, E-learning, Content Design and Development, Leadership Development, Coaching and the Mentoring space.

This opened up various avenues for us as well as helped expand the services we could offer our clients.

Many training companies have also created and specialised in their own products, creating a niche market for themselves. They have also started marketing some products and services offered by international players who were looking at strategic partnerships in the country.

For the client however the single question prevails as to how these offerings will suffice their needs and benefit their employees.

The answer is simple. Whether a soft skills training company, a hard skills training company, an e-learning company or a leadership development company, one has to do thorough diagnostic of the client environment. One has to dig deep into the people and place to know what is prevailing. Unless you know the current environment you cannot build a bridge for the better. Another important point to consider is that the current environment in the organization has to be understood neutrally keeping the Consultants biases aside.

The second step is to co-create a learning road map along with the client.  Unless the client is fully involved, a fruitful intervention cannot be designed. That’s where most of the training companies in India or corporate training companies in Mumbai, corporate training companies in Pune, training companies in Delhi, corporate training companies in Chennai, corporate training companies in Bangalore, corporate training companies in Kolkata, etc.  miss out.

The temptation of suggesting the pill before finding the root cause of the problem can be very strong and it can actually lead the intervention to go astray. The trap is at times also created by the client assuming the consultant to be the expert and the consultant offering himself as the expert.

The fact is that most of the programs that are not co created usually don’t meet their expectations.

Another very important aspect is sustenance of the learning. This again is a co supported requirement. The post intervention aspect is very strongly required and the most neglected at times. Most learning interventions don’t yield results because they are looked at as one time interventions and not much effort is made to sustain the learning. Regular learning circles, follow ups, refreshers, action plans, transfer climate, projects and length of interventions actually help in sustaining the learning environment and eventually making the intervention a success.

If a corporate training company focuses on these elements then success is bound to be theirs. This also then raises the question that can they learn to refuse when they feel the requirements of conducting a successful  learning intervention are not being met by the client?

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