Negotiation Skills Training

Negotiation Skills Training sessions are always very lively and interactive. Why? Because the participants always feel they could do with some help on negotiation techniques. They are all always trying to complete or surpass their sales targets and having such an important skill in their pocket would prove to be a potent weapon.

However when they come for a negotiation skills training, they get quite a shock! They realise that one of the core reasons why they are not able to negotiate is not about the skill at all. Yes, skill is important, I’m not denying that. But there’s something that’s even more crucial. In fact, if you get that right, you’ll realise that the skill automatically falls in place.

Any guesses as to what this secret of negotiation skills training is?

Well its none other than the internal aspects. Let me explain to you what I mean to make it clear.

Sales can be a rather difficult task. Just imagine, you are on the brink of closing a deal and suddenly the client backs out. And the worst part about it is that most of the time the client backs out without even telling you that that they have backed out! He just paints a rosy picture and vanishes. And no matter how much you follow up with him, he abstains from responding. And there go all the great techniques that you learned in the last negotiation skills training that you attended!

Rejection is a part and parcel of life when it comes to a sales job. And frankly if we don’t know how to handle it, we are really at a huge loss. In fact you’ll realise that you become negative and it becomes difficult to get out of the negative spiral that gets created. And somehow this rejected negative feeling just follows us to the next client and messes that up to. And we realise that we are unable to handle even the simplest of situations post that and are far from applying the techniques that are taught to us in a negotiation skills training!

Therefore managing our emotions during such situations become essential. They are also required in typical negotiation situations where the client is putting pressure on us and trying to make us bend. After all, we want to be able to reach a win-win solution rather than a lose-win one. It also works the other way. If we tend to get aggressive and land up getting heavy on the client, managing our emotions can help us get balanced and show the client that you care about their benefit as much as yours.

How else can managing our internal thoughts and emotions help our negotiation skills? By changing our attitude and perception. This in turn adds to our ‘vibe’ and gives the client a positive feel about us even without applying techniques from our negotiation skills training.  Definitely worth investing time and effort in😊

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