Understanding Work Life Balance

The term ‘Work Life Balance’ seems to have become a buzzword nowadays. Everyone’s talking about it and wishing they could have more of it in their lives! The pandemic definitely gave us all a taste of it. And now that many of us are back to work as usual, we have started valuing it more than ever. Realising this, many organisations have started taking steps to help their employees create a better Work Life Balance in their lives.  And that’s also a reason why the number of requests we are getting for conducting Work Life Balance Training has gone up tremendously!

So, what really is Work Life Balance and why do we need it in our lives?

Let’s answer this question today. Ready? Here’s goes…

Work Life Balance is, well, about creating a balance between work and life. I know, I know. That was really a no brainer! Well, that is what the term means on the face of it. It’s about allocating time to not just work, as many of us would do, but also to life.

Running in the Rat Race

Let’s face it. We are all a part of the rat race. And we’re all running at some crazy pace trying to achieve that coveted success which will make us happy some day. While we all agree that it’s making us run right now, we also believe that it will give us enough to settle down. And we will be able to live a relaxed and carefree life with our family on some beautiful island in the middle of nowhere. Seen that dream, havn’t you!

But let me ask you a question. What’s the present cost we are paying for this hopeful future benefit? Health, Relationships, Family time, Me Time. Are we not sacrificing a lot. And what takes the cake is that we actually want to achieve success so that we have enough time for all of these!

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not saying don’t chase your dreams. That you must. Put your full heart and soul into it and go ahead and do it. You will achieve success.

But the question is, is there a better way of achieving success? Do we have to be so stressed by it. Can’t we actually have fun while achieving our goals. Does it all have to be so serious and heavy. Can’t we be like kids, light and free. Simply enjoying the ride.

Now that is exactly what work life balance is about. It’s about achieving our dreams and goals while enjoying the journey. It’s about having fun while we work, as work without play makes Jack a dull boy! And you know the best part? When you work with a stress-free happy mind, there’s nothing you can’t achieve😊

So, how do we have fun while completing our goals? Is work life balance about goofing around at work or is there something more to it?

Goofing around at work

You can enjoy your work by ensuring you also spend time doing those things that give you joy. Yes, for some of us our work gives us happiness. But don’t you think there are other things that do so to? Like some of us love to hang out with our friends. Others are family people. Some enjoy socializing. And you have another category that loves spending time pursuing their hobby or simply reading a book.

Now imagine what will happen if you add these additional activities in your weekly/monthly routine. Activities that you love and help you press that reset button inside! It will give you the perfect recipe for a well-balanced life which makes the best of both the worlds.

Love the idea but don’t know how???

Now for all of you who love the idea but are wondering how to fit it all, let me tell you a secret. Work life balance is not about doing everything, you can’t. It’s about prioritizing and allocating more time to the areas that give you the most joy. Like if I am an extrovert, attending social gatherings and events may energise me and give me that extra energy that I need to work even better. For an introvert, on the other hand, being with people for too long may feel like a drain on their energy. And they may want to spend more time curled up on a couch, drinking coffee and reading their favourite book. A truly energising experience for them!

Customisation is therefore the key to Work life balance, where one-size-fits-all most definitely does not work! You have to explore what makes you happy and ensure you spend more time in doing those activities. And trust me, you will find a way to accommodate these additional activities when you see the effect they have on not just your work but your overall life. As they say, where there’s a will there’s a way!

The Sneak Peak

For those of you who want to have a sneak-peak into what we cover during our Work Life Balance Training, stay tuned. We are going to give you a flavour of it in our next blog. There’s a powerful tool that we use to help you understand where your Work Life Balance is currently and the areas that you may want to work on to improve it. A tool that will give you some amazing insights and much needed hints as to which direction you need to work in. The perfect way to get you on track to the Road to happiness…

So long till then. Take care and see you soon!

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