Coaching skills training

Coaching Skills Training is something that I feel all Managers need to go through. It’s essential that you need to know the right way of coaching your team members. Else, your coaching sessions may just end up being feedback sessions. And that too, negative feedback sessions. That’s definitely not something very desirable, as it can have adverse effects on your team members. This can lead to lower productivity and even attrition in the long run.

You remember how it was being a child? Everyone constantly telling you what to do and what not to do. In fact, many children are desperate to grow up so that they can finally do what they want to! Now imagine entering the corporate world and thinking; that now that you’re all grown up, you will finally have the power to take your own decision. And what happens, just the opposite. Your manager constantly tells you what you should do and what not! How frustrating!


Features of a Coaching Skills Training session

Now what does all of this have to do with Coaching and what does a Coaching Skills training entail? And why is it so important? Let’s explore…

  1. Decision Making power – This points to the being a child example I just gave you. A coaching session is supposed to be one, where the coach gives the coachee freedom to choose his own path. The coach may bring the coachee to discover what may go wrong with his path but ensures that it always comes from the coachee. This makes the coachee feel empowered and in control


  1. Judgements – You know the best part about a coaching skills training, It helps the manager develop a skill which is essential in not just a coaching session, but in every walk of life, i.e. being non-judgemental. This skill not only helps the coachee feel more open and increases his trust for the manager, but also helps the manager in seeing the coachee, himself and the world at large; in a neutral way. This eventually helps him control his reactions and get a hold on many aspects of his own life like emotional intelligence, decision making, creativity, interpersonal relationships, listening, questioning, etc. So, coaching conversations help not only the coachee, but also the manager


  1. Direction – Sometimes team members are frankly lost on how to implement the task at hand and need help on the same. Coaching skills training helps managers give their team members direction. This is done in a way that they feel supported at all times yet learn by having to do the digging themselves. That’s empowerment with support, a great combination and one that guarantees success!


  1. Bonding – Yes, that’s definitely an outcome of coaching. A coach and his coachee come together, trust and support each other and care for one another. Isn’t that exactly what a manager needs with his team members to be able to have a great team?

So here were some of the important features of coaching skills training. Would love to hear of any other points that come to your mind. Happy coaching till then😊

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