Virtual Meeting Etiquette for making meetings more productive

Who doesn’t want to come out of a Virtual Meeting feeling like that had really made good use of their time? Let’s face it. We all do. But how often do we really get that feeling? How often do we feel like we were fully in control of the technology, had our virtual meeting etiquette in place and were able to facilitate some great discussions? Hmm…

It’s okay. While I know that sounds too good to be true, I just want you to know its possible! How? By learning and practising some useful tips that can take your virtual meetings to the next level.

So, are you ready to read them?

My Top 3 Virtual Meeting Tips

Well, I’m not going to be telling you the typical virtual meeting etiquette tips. I know you already know those. These are going to be those that all the one’s you know try to get you to. Confused? Well, let me tell you my top 3 tips and I’m sure you’ll get what I mean!


  1. Be Natural – We all get extremely conscious when we see ourselves on the screen. I remember the last time I saw my hair during a virtual training and kept trying to subtly adjust it to make it look better! And what happened in the bargain? I was distracted and not quite my natural chirpy self. And how did that feel to me and I’m sure my audience? Not that great!



Be natural during a Virtual Meeting



So, what can we do to be more natural on screen? Firstly, shut off your self-view. You will automatically stop feeling like someone is watching you and you can be more yourself. It also helps you ensure that you focus more on the rest of the meeting members. After all, observing their body language and actually hearing what they say is important, you see! While I know Zoom supports this feature, you can also check out other softwares to see if they do. Its definitely one that I give a thumbs up too!

Another thing you can do to come across more natural, is to keep around 2.5 feet distance from your screen. This avoids your face looking too big on the screen and others getting distracted by it! It also shows more off your body, the way you would naturally see it while talking to someone face to face. This gives you scope to use gestures and let your hands do some talking too. However, be sure not to have them talking too much especially right in front of your face. As that would really put an end to the naturalness!


  1. Be calm and composed – Now that’s one they don’t teach you in a virtual meeting etiquette training, do they! But it’s certainly one that’s extremely important. Why? Because only when you are calm can you manage glitches. Glitches in technology, in what you are trying to communicate and in your interactions with other members.



Keep calm during Virtual Meetings



As I always say, manage your reactions and you can conquer the world! It holds true here too. Manage your reactions to the glitches and you can rule the virtual world. Just imagine how great it would be if you could be calm and in control of your emotions even when things were not exactly going as per plan. Which, by the way can happen a lot in virtual meetings! And just imagine how much better it would be, if you could actually manage all of this and even turn the meeting around. That too, just by being calm and composed!

My recommendations for staying calm? Dial in to your virtual meeting well in advance. Do your preparation well. Test your technology beforehand. And do some deep breathing before you begin. Calm your nerves before entering the meeting and see what wonders it can do for you!


  1. Enjoy yourself – Last but not the least, you have to learn to enjoy virtual meetings. Tough? Yes, I know. But we all know what happens when we enjoy what you do. Work turns into play. And the outcome is far above anything we ever thought we were capable of delivering! And the best part? It also helps us do the other two – stay calm and be more natural.



Enjoy yourself during Virtual Meetings


So, how do we enjoy ourselves during virtual meetings?

Firstly, by looking at virtual meetings in a new light. Look at them as a challenge. As a medium which is there to support you, which it definitely does by saving a lot of time! And as a medium which if you master, can help you reach out to so many more people.

So, the next time you are feeling afraid of technology failing you or members being silent, see what you can do to manage these situations. Have backups in place. Explore ways in which you can make members connect. And even if you fail its okay. Pick yourself up and try something new the next time. And I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it.

And remember, try to be a little informal on a virtual platform. It helps everyone. Be friendly and interactive. Spend time at the start breaking the ice. And ask for help when you need it. Trust me, other members want to attend a good meeting as much as you want to host it. So, they will be more than willing to help you and make good use of their own time!

And if you need help, we’re always there. Get in touch with us to help you ace those virtual meetings:)

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