Personality Development Training for low Self Confidence

Off late, we have been receiving a lot of enquiries from individuals asking for Personality Development Training. And on further questioning, most of them reveal that it’s to help them manage their low Self Confidence. A pretty universal problem we would say!

So, how should one go about tackling Self Confidence issues? And what tools and techniques can one use to get out of this undermining feeling?

Well, the most important thing to do is to find out the reason for your low Self Confidence. Different people have different reasons. And its only when we know where the issue truly lies that we can actually plug it. Otherwise, it’s honestly just a matter of time before our makeshift arrangement will fall through!


Why people suffer from low Self Confidence

There could be multiple reasons as to why people have Self Confidence issues. Some of the most common ones are:


  • Our Past – As children; most of us have had teachers, parents, relatives and other children tell us how stupid and not up to the mark we are! While a few children may not get affected by this, the majority do. And when this happens again and again, we tend to take it as the truth. The result? Ending up feeling not good enough which affects our Self Confidence even in adulthood and stops us from realising our full potential.

Now in this position too, different children tend to respond differently. There is one set which will openly feel inferior and will admit that they are low on confidence. While there is another set that puts on the outer garb of superiority to hide the internal inferiority they feel. While these children also feel inferior and not good enough on the inside, they chose to show the world that they are better than everyone else on the outside. Their false confidence, however, often increases their internal conflict which may damage their confidence levels further. Not to mention the negative effect it has on those with low confidence around them!


  • Fear of Failure – This ‘not good enough’ feeling that we have as a constant companion, tends to keep us in our comfort zone. It does not allow us to take up challenges and learn new things. It keeps reminding us that we are not good enough and will most probably fail in anything that we try to do. This makes us feel even more incapable and comes in the way of realising our potential. Ultimately, pushing our confidence even lower.


Personality Development Training - Fear of Failure



  • English Language Skills – Another common cause for low Self Confidence, in India at least, is the inability to speak and write good English. In India, many people go through schooling in their local languages. They can get along fine with this till even college. When they, however, join an organisation; this can create trouble. Nowadays Indian cities attract people from different states and even countries. And having difficulty communicating with them can not only affect teamwork and performance, but can also make you feel lesser than others!


  • Physical Appearance – Now this is the reason that most people tend to give importance to. Yes, I agree looking good can make you feel more confident in the moment. But I would urge you to also ask the people who look good whether it keeps their confidence high all the time!


Managing low Self Confidence

So, how do we manage all this? How do we get out of the clutches of negativity and create a positive and bright future for ourselves?

You can start working on all the mentioned fronts, but remember not to miss out work at the grass root level!


  • Counseling – To help us tackle our past and the not-so-great self-image it has created in most of us, we recommend counseling. Counseling can help us understand where our current thought processes are coming from and take steps to deal with them. It works at a deeper level and helps uncover the unconscious thought patterns that may be driving our behaviour. While for some people counseling may simply be a set of conversations with the Counselor, for others it may even require therapies to relieve deeper trauma.

Personality Development Training - Counseling


  • CoachingCoaching focuses on taking steps in the present to accomplish future goals. It helps us work on our attitude and mindset. This helps go beyond the obstacles that these can pose in fulfilling our goals. Not only does it help us accomplish our desired goals, but also helps our Self Confidence by doing the same. The success we achieve makes us feel good about ourselves. And slowly and steadily such successes starts breaking our not good enough belief.


  • English Language Training – Although some of us may feel uncomfortable accepting our English language skills are not that great and attending English Language training thereafter, we still recommend it. We have delivered such trainings for our clients and witnessed the change it can bring about in participant’s confidence levels.


  • A Makeover – Making changes to our outer personality does have a positive effect on our inner personality and thought processes. Therefore, getting a makeover can make you feel good and think good, definitely upping your Self Confidence!


  • Soft Skills Training – And then of course there’s soft skills training in general. When you get trained on how to communicate well whttps://theyellowspot.comith others and complete your tasks successfully, there’s no looking back!


So, connect with us today to help us help you improve your confidence levels. Personality Development Training, Counseling, Coaching, Image Consulting, etc. We have them all in our basket and would love to use them in holistically helping you be confident.

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