Emotional Intelligence

Yes, I’m back with part 2 of our Managing Change Series during Covid Times. And today is going to be about one of my favourite topics, Emotional Intelligence.

Let’s pick it up from where we left off last week. For all those who missed out on Part 1, click here.

So, what emotions, thoughts and maybe even physical sensations did you get aware off that are being triggered by this change?

My Current Emotional Experience

I know I have been going through an emotional rollercoaster every few days. In fact, I was feeling it till even about an hour or so back!

I realised I was feeling ‘stuck’ in life. And this was the precise word that was coming to me in various facets of my life. Whether it was about work or about my health. The only word that came to me was ‘stuck.’ It was as if life had been paused by the pandemic and was just not moving forward. This was in turn making me feel anxious about what the future holds. I was also feeling sad and helpless. I felt like no matter how much I tried to make things right, things were just not moving!

There you have it. For all those people that thought trainers are completely sorted people and are completely emotionally intelligent! We too go through all that everyone else does. It’s just that we are well versed with techniques that can get us out of it faster.

I would say our self-awareness levels may be slightly higher than some others. And that I would say is largely because we love to experiment with various techniques on ourselves. These we go ahead and teach based on our experience. Also, because teaching others how to be more self-aware improves our self-awareness. Yup, we learn while we teach. And that’s also one reason why I love this profession!

The First Step to Managing Change

So, what’s the first step to managing the change? Getting aware of what’s going on inside you because of the change. And how do you do that?

  • Asking others for feedback
  • Self-Reflection

The first method is a great way to start. For often those around us, especially those close to us, can see what’s happening within us more clearly. Why? Because it’s easier to watch a movie and stay more emotionally neutral to it, rather than acting in it and trying not to get lost in the emotions you are trying to display! I’m sure you know what I mean…

I would also urge you to build upon the second method. It will help you in the long run and make you self-reliant. This can be done in various ways like simply observing your reactions or other methods like journaling or meditating.

Why Self-Awareness may be Difficult

But remember, while what I’m telling you sounds easy enough, it actually isn’t. Why? Because firstly all of us are in the habit of pushing our emotions under the carpet. Its something we have learnt in childhood and a habit we very obediently follow! However, its also one that makes us less emotionally intelligent. And that’s why it’s time we changed it.

So, what the best way to go about doing this?

I would advise first attending a good emotional intelligence workshop. One where they actually help you get in the habit of identifying your emotions and not just talk about its importance! Then practise what you have learned. However, if you feel you are stuck somewhere, you may want to go in for counselling. That’s a great way to help identify emotions that you can’t put a finger on. However, it’s again a short-term solution. In fact, any approach where you have to depend upon others becomes a little short termed. But its good for a shot in the arm and in situations where you are unable to manage it. And in the meantime, keep building your own emotional muscle.

So, that’s step 1 to managing change. Build Self-Awareness.

Stay tuned for the next step next week. See you then😊 Go to Part 3

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