Managing Change during Covid-19

Well let me tell you, you’re not the only one! It’s pretty much something that all of us across the globe are facing, whether we like to admit it or not. And the more we have been conducting corporate training programs for clients and interacting with family and friends, the more we have realised it. In fact, it even got reinforced during a Customer Service training we were conducting for a client last week. They actually asked us to conduct an entire module on Change Management training during the Customer Service training!

Change and its Affects

As human beings, we don’t like change very much. It makes us uncomfortable, insecure and unsure of what the future holds. This generates anxiety and worry in us. And eventually affects our emotional well-being, relationships, physical health and overall performance at work and at home. In short, it messes up all those things we would want to go well in our lives! And therefore, its essential we learn how to manage change.

So, today I have decided to disclose the secret that we share with our participants in our change management trainings with you. Why? Because that’s how I can contribute to this difficult situation that we are going through. And since we can’t just wish it away, let’s learn how to deal with it head on! Ready?

Uncovering Change

What happens inside us when things start changing around us? A lot, right? There are a massive number of thoughts and emotions buzzing around in our head and even our body. Thoughts like, “How will I ever manage this” or “What am I going to do if I fall sick.” Emotions ranging from fear to anxiety to even intense sadness or grief. In fact, many people have also been driven into depression.

Humans as programmed beings

We are all conditioned beings. Since childhood we are being programmed and have now developed our own set of attitudes, fears, complexes, values, motivations, habits, behaviours, etc. It’s these that automatically get triggered when incidences happen in our external environment.

And that’s exactly what is happening during the Covid Pandemic. The change in our environment is pressing various buttons on our inside. For example, our daily habits and routines have been disrupted. Our fears and complexes have come to the surface. We have even been forced to change our behaviour. And what are all of these doing to us? Triggering off various thoughts and emotions within us.

Think about and tell me. What changes has Covid-19 brought in your life. What are the thoughts and emotions it is generating within you? Once you share, we can then move on to part 2 of our series on managing change. You see, we have to go step by step. Then only we will actually be able to make a difference!

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