Supervisory skills Training

Being a supervisor is the first step towards being a leader. As for most people it’s their first time managing a team. The transition from a doer to supervisor is crucial. This is also why many organisations have started putting supervisors through supervisory skills training programs even before they take up the role.

Are supervisors and supervisory skills training program given importance?

Some organisations do not give a supervisor’s role much importance. Hence, supervisory skills training is hardly a priority. They feel that supervisors belong to the lower rung of the organisation and therefore tend to overlook how crucial their job is.

On the other hand, there are some organisations that understand the importance of this level. Their supervisors shoulder the weight of their entire organisation! They therefore put great efforts in building their skills by conducting various supervisory skills training programs. This helps the supervisors in carrying out their responsibilities with higher effectiveness and efficiency. And what are these crucial skills?

Let us list down a few crucial skills…

1. Time management

We all need to know how to manage time effectively. And for a supervisor, it’s even more important. He needs to be able to manage not just his own time well, but even that of his team members

2. Delegation

This is linked to time management again, but it is a very important skill in itself. A supervisor should know how to delegate tasks and to whom. If the supervisor is ending up doing everything on his own, he is not delegating properly and will have difficulty in managing time

3. Grooming and Etiquette

As a supervisor, his team members need to look up to him. And one factor that gives him that edge is being appropriately dressed and groomed at all times. He needs to also display the right etiquette at the workplace and outside too. Not just in face to face interactions, but also when talking on the phone

4. Body language

Just like grooming and etiquette, the supervisor’s body language is always under scanner. Your team is watching you at all points of time. Its therefore important to carry an appropriate and confident body language

5. Communication skills

These are probably the most important skills for any person irrespective of their role. But for a supervisor who has a team that needs continuous supervision, it is essential to have clear and open communication. This reduces errors and ensures everyone is on the same page. A supervisor also needs to ensure he is assertive at all times. Especially, when giving feedback

6. Listening

Again, listening is a part of communication skills, but needs highlighting. People tend to confuse communication with only speaking or writing. But listening is the most crucial of all. A supervisor needs to be open to listening to his teams views and ideas. Also, to receive feedback as and when required. And trust me, listening doesn’t come easily to most of us!

7. Motivation

When you have a team, you need to keep motivating it from time to time. However, being able to motivate ourselves and our team can get difficult at times. Hence, it’s important to learn the art of motivation member

These are just a few skills that are crucial for a supervisor. There are many more that we take supervisors through during our supervisory skills training programs. After all, it’s only when a supervisor is equipped with these powerful skills that he can perform well in his role. Also, he can take the first step towards being a leader someday. And if he’s in a hurry, he can attend a good leadership skills training and be well on his way😉

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