Online corporate training is the next best thing to classroom corporate training programs. It has its own limitations, but it also has a large number of benefits too. And if a participant really takes the ownership of learning into their own hands, online corporate training programs are a great way to learn.

The Online Training Companies Role

Currently, there aren’t too many online training companies that provide a virtual instructor led live training experience. But the few that do, like The Yellow Spot, put in a lot of effort in designing modules that provide high interaction and engagement levels. They go over the design multiple times while reflecting on how best the participants can interact using the features of the digital platform they will be using. This minimises last minute surprises and ensures that the platform is utilised to its optimum.

The Participant’s Role

While this helps in creating an interactive online corporate training program from the trainer or online training company’s perspective, each participant also needs to play their role. And must make the most of the opportunity provided to them, especially in a scenario where classroom training is currently not possible.

So, what can we do to ensure maximum learning through the online corporate training programs that our organisations arrange for us?

  • Ensure that your audio – video system is working fine
  • Do a little pre-reading about the topic to be discussed
  • Select a peaceful place with minimal distractions
  • Keep your phone on silent and see e-mail notifications later
  • Login before time so that you do not miss out anything
  • Always keep a notepad handy and note down important points
  • Ask questions as and when the opportunity is provided
  • Participate in activities and group discussions
  • Share appropriate experiences
  • Keep yourself on mute when silent to avoid distracting sounds
  • Listen to other people with an open mind
  • Walk around and stretch yourself as and when breaks are provided
  • Ask for breaks if it’s getting too heavy or you’re having trouble focusing
  • Come back from breaks on time
  • Stay hydrated, as that keeps you more focused and energetic
  • Prepare action plans and put them into action
  • Stay in touch with the trainer and co-participants for further queries and sharing

These are just a few tips that I think are very important to follow when one is attending an online corporate training program. I’m sure these will help you in learning and retaining more. Do try them out and let me know your experience. Happy Learning😊

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